Using Drone Videography for Business

Drones are a common sighting these days. It’s not unusual to see one hovering around the neighborhood or the community park on a good day.

But don’t you wonder what they’re doing up there exactly?

Many of the drones you see are probably operated by hobbyists, but drone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last few years that even businesses are now taking advantage of it.

What is Drone Videography?

Drone videography is the art of capturing videos using a drone, whether for personal, entertainment, or marketing purposes.

Drones are perfect for filming events and showcasing vast spaces. Aerial drone videography allows you to capture footage from new and exciting perspectives and get up close in ways you’ve never imagined.

There are two types of unique shots you can capture with a drone: aerial shots and motion shots. Aerial shots are captured from very high up, providing viewers with a bird’s eye view of the subject or the scenery down below. On the other hand, motion shots take you much closer to the action without getting in their way. The drone moves across a space, sometimes alongside the subject, giving viewers a sense of depth.

Ways You Can Use Drone Videos for Business

Drone videography is particularly useful for businesses operating in the construction, real estate, hospitality, events management, tourism, and photography/videography industries. But just about any business can take advantage of drone videography to reach and attract potential customers.

Businesses typically use drone videography for:

Video Marketing – Capture breathtaking videos or behind-the-scenes footages for your website and social media pages. Drone videography pushes the limits as to how you film and frame your shots, giving viewers a unique and elevated visual experience.

Marketing Properties – Showcase properties from an aerial perspective, so viewers can visualize themselves in these locations. Use a drone video to show clients the scale of the property, how it looks, and the community around it.

3D Mapping – Take precise measurements of lands or properties to determine boundaries and assist in the creation of plots, lots, and legal documentation.

Location Spotting – Looking for a place to host an event? Fly a drone over the venue to get a better sense of the space and how it looks. Taking a video of the location will also be very useful during the planning stage, when you discuss how to set-up the area.

Project Documentation – Aerial views are best for documenting construction work. Filming the development of massive sites can be a challenge when shooting from the ground, but a drone can capture everything within a few minutes.

Events Coverage – Drones are widely for outdoor event coverage and live-streaming. Concerts, sporting events, and weddings regularly use drone footage for broadcasting and event videography.

In the past, you’d have to book a helicopter to capture aerial and motion shots. The advent of drone technology has provided professional videographers and businesses with a cost-effective way to capture stunning, high-quality footages.

Find out how drone videos can further benefit your business from the infographic below.

infographics benefits of drone video in business
Infographics: benefits of drone video in business

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