simrex x900 drone review

SIMREX X900 Drone Review: For Its Price, Is It Worth It?

There is a great deal of good and affordably-priced drones out there these days, and one of them should be the X900 Drone Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter from SIMREX. It is a novice-friendly flying robot at a fantastic price, and we are going to review the model here.  At the point when you see...

simrex x300c mini drone review

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone Review: Read This Before You Buy!

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone Pros & Cons Pros Low in price and high in features Easily sync it with an app on your smart and have the option to control the drone through your phoneFlies smoothly and easily, making it pretty fool-proof for beginnersThe controlled descent feature helps prevent damage and is a rare addition for a...

best drones with camera for kids

Top 6 Best Drones With Camera for Kids

Have your children ever dreamt to become a pilot? Or do you need an outdoor entertainment tool for your kids? Or maybe, something which helps them in world explosion? Then, a drone could be a perfect gift for your children. Of course, for your kids using their drone as a toy, you might expect...