Snaptain SP510 Review: Is It a Package Deal?

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Quick conclusion

This Snaptain SP510 drone is packed with attributes and highlights – say, many intelligent flight modes, and incorporates various safe flight systems. At the end of the day, it will make your whole flying experience seamless and straightforward. Furthermore, thanks to the decent remote control distance & sixteen-minute playtime, you can take good aerial footage with negligible endeavors. 

Snaptain SP510 Review
Snaptain SP510 Review

Pros and cons

What you may like:

  • Reasonably-priced
  • Collapsible & compact
  • Pretty good camera quality
  • Good flight time
  • A lot of GPS-assist capabilities
  • Default beginner mode 
  • Flying it is easy
  • Rechargeable remote controller
  • Smooth performance

What you may not like:

  • No gimbal stabilizers to prevent vibrations & shakiness during flight
  • The motors are not brushless

Who should purchase it?

Before you come to the specific Snaptain SP510 review, let’s decide whether you are its target users.

  • This collapsible camera UAV is intended for ardent travelers & novices searching for a lightweight flying machine equipped for playing out advanced aerial maneuvers.
  • In case you have not had any prior drone flying experience, this Snaptain may be one of your safest bets. It is promoted as the excellent entry-level camera UAV whose flight controls are simple, and performance is dynamic.
  • The model is also great for recreational flyers who want to learn to take photographs from a flying object. It enables you to capture decent stills & recordings that you can share with your buddies & family on social media accounts to brag about your photography abilities. 
  • The SP510 fills in as a means of helping novices advance their skills prior to upgrading to DJI Mavic Air 2 or other more costly camera flying robots.


Are you in the market for a well-priced but great collapsible camera drone which genuinely performs heavenly and is simple enough for a novice with no earlier drone flight experience to begin with?

Then you may want to consider the SP510 from Snaptain. It is one of the most notable drones with a camera that has a reasonable price and is fantastic for newbies & recreational flyers. Its construction is comparatively collapsible & compact to the well-known HS720 by Holy Stone & Mavic Mini model made by DJI

Since its release, this flying robot’s popularity has been no joke. What made it favorable to the point that it is appealing to many types of users?

That is the reason we are here with a top-to-bottom Snaptain SP510 review to help purchasers like you settle on a most informed choice. Now and then, buyers purchase something that they anticipate to function as promoted and wind up being disappointed.

Hopefully, with this inside-and-out review, you can stay away from such sorts of mistakes by becoming more acquainted with intricate details of the product unit. Right away, how about we get into it. 

(Please note that we also refer to the term ‘drone’ as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), uncrewed aircraft, craft, flying machines, or flying robots.)

What is in the box?

  • An SP510 drone
  • User manual
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • USB charger
  • A remote controller
  • Four propeller blades

Key specifications

  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.7 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.4 inches (Folded) / 13.8 inches x 12.4 inches x 3.4 inches (Unfolded).
  • Flight time: Sixteen minutes
  • Charging time: About two hours
  • Remote control distance: 500 meters
  • Camera resolution: 2.7K HD
  • Storage: Micro SD Card / Mobile device

Snaptain S5C review

Here, we address all the crucial points you should think about. For example, they include attributes, performance, playtime, range, camera quality, and construction. What are you waiting for but see whether this is a suitable UAV for you? 

Main features

1. Construction


The drone’s coating is dark black, pulling off a professional look vibe and delivering good ease of spotting it aloft. The material utilized to make this UAV is sturdy thick ABS plastic which allows for resiliency.


As you may know, top-of-the-line flying machines, for example, F11 Pro from Ruko & Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone boast brushless engines with higher revolutions per minute. These motors also have a lower rate for battery consumption that enables more extended playtime in general.

Meanwhile, the SP510 drone counts on brushed engines tending to wear out inevitably. Even when that occurs, the good news is that these motors are pretty simple to take the place of & fix. They are indeed readily accessible in the market today.


In the front is the place where you will find its camera. Not similar to other camera UAVs, here, the camera is a vertical-fixed one. In other words, changing it vertically is the only option. 


When it comes to the battery, its position is in the back. Thanks to a battery power display indicator, you can have an idea of how much power it has remained inside. The model’s battery life is about sixteen minutes for each charge. 

By and large, the SP510’s construction is robust with few small downsides. 

2. Camera quality

GPS module integration

As we addressed already, this robot comes with a vertically-positioned camera. The GPS module integration should allow you to use the remote controller for remotely changing the camera position settings.

Pretty good camera

What is more to know? The integrated camera fits for taking recordings beginning at 2976 x 1680 at 25 FPS and stills at a fantastic 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. You may appreciate that, considering this craft’s price range. 

No gimbal stabilizers

Do bear in mind that its camera does not get mounted on gimbal stabilizers. In this way, you ought to expect a few vibrations or something during the UAV flight. Also, in case you want more seamless videos, we recommend flying slower & gently and avoid flying in strong winds.

Generally speaking, are you among those who intend to become an expert picture taker later on yet desire to figure out how to operate a UAV first before spending more on DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, or other professional-quality camera UAVs? Then, you cannot go wrong with the SP510 product unit. Its adaptability & integrated remote functionality will live up to your expectations since it works to lead the way for you to the drone realm and help you rock the fundamentals of airborne imagery. 

3. SD card storage

This uncrewed aircraft vehicle boasts an SD card slot that accepts about 128GB SD card. At the point when you take your video & photographs, you have the option to put them away on the SD card & your phone. It is worth noting that compared to the cell phone one, the quality of the footage in the card is more impressive. 

4. Range & Flight time 

Flight time

In the Snaptain SP510 review, we are also discussing the craft’s range & flight time. The 1500mAh high-capacity battery delivers as long as sixteen minutes of playtime in the air. 

Speaking of charging this battery, it takes about 120 minutes to recharge an almost-drained one to full. 

You may like that you can recharge the remote controller as well. In other words, you needn’t bother with batteries by any means. Just plug the USB cord into the controller for the charging process to begin. Fifty minutes, give or take, is the time needed to charge your controller completely. 


The model’s max remote control distance is a whopping 500 meters, along with decent airborne playtime. That should provide recreational flyers & novices with a lot of space to fly high in the sky.

5. Performance

Any hardcore recreational flyers will share that flight performance is similarly imperative to range & battery life. When it is to this Snaptain, how does it perform?

Integrated GPS

The model has an integrated GPS system. Simply put, it gets the exact flight position & does not ask for changing the robot’s stability manually, all thanks to its communication with satellites. After all, newbies will enjoy a lot simpler & more seamless drone flight experience. 

Track & conform to the flight performance

What’s more, the robot can keep track of the flight performance and conform to optimize the right amount of battery use – all thanks to the integrated flight systems. In case you do not know, this is the thing that makes the SP510 drone a totally one-of-a-kind flying machine.

Speed settings

At the point when you first operate this UAV, it will get going with the slowest speed setting. Accordingly, novices can get familiar with the fundamentals of drone flight controls. Later on, you have the choice to adjust the speed settings to coordinate with your flying abilities. 

Overall, this product unit effectively helps newbies understand the basic details of how to pilot a UAV without setting up a considerable amount of hassle and whatnot by any stretch of the imagination. A central PLUS point worth mentioning.

Smart flight modes

Ultimately, the Snaptain SP510 review is not complete without discussing the flight modes. 

Snaptain is famous for cleverly loading their flying robots with many flight capabilities, and the SP510 drone model is not an exception. It boasts a lot of automated capabilities that should make flying simpler for novices. Advanced pilots will likewise consider it exciting.

Here they are.

1. GPS-assist

Thanks to GPS, this flying machine will recollect the home point (i.e., the spot it took off). That allows the automated return-to-home (or RTH) mode to function. At the point when the robot loses contact with the controller, or the battery comes up short, it will turn & return home. 

The robot additionally provides you with significant flight info on account of GPS. You can view the UAV’s flight distance, speed, & height.

2. Smart geofence

Thanks to the capability, you have the choice to set the range inside which the robot will operate. The attribute is exceptionally useful for novices since it keeps the UAV from flying excessively far away. 

3. Follow me 

Follow me mode is another one to appreciate the GPS usefulness. At the point when you connect with this function, the craft will move along after you at a decent distance. It will speed up if you go faster and the other way around. 

It is excellent to use Follow me when you want to capture photographs & recordings hands-free. How user-friendly the mode is, indeed!

4. Point of interest

After you have assigned a point of interest, your UAV will fly around that once you let it depart. Pick a fascinating point with the goal that the robot can take great video & photographs. You can get recordings & pictures from any angle, which is impressive.

5. Waypoint

How easy to leverage this mode! On the map on the application, select a few spots & areas that you might want your robot to fly. Pick the intriguing points whose view is decent. On the grounds that the UAV will take photographs & video, you would be wise to make it as outwardly engaging as could be expected. 

At the point when you launch the robot, it will fly along with the course that you have arranged, enabling your hands to be free. 

6. One-key take-off & land

All that is needed is one handy button to have the Snaptain SP510 land or depart. Once you hit the button to make the robot function, it will leave the ground & hover at a good height anticipating the next move. 

7. Headless mode

Count on this capability for your UAV to realign itself to face a proper flying course concerning the drone operator’s position. As you can see, the attribute is helpful for newbies.

Pro tips

Reading through the Snaptain SP510 review above, you can tell that this product is excellent. There are many reasons for getting it. But be that as it may, before you can let it be in the air, do note these tips and tricks:

  • Operate it in open spaces. Also, pick a day whose weather is calm enough. 
  • You may want to view one or two videos to realize how to begin flying this robot.
  • Prepare an extra battery, which may assist you with appreciating flying the robot for a more extended time.
  • In case you are a novice, it is advisable to set the geofence mode so that your UAV will operate out of range.

All in all

Now that we reach the end of the Snaptain SP510 review, if you somehow happened to wonder still if you should purchase this model, we would enthusiastically suggest it for ardent travelers, recreational flyers, and newbies.

You may be genuinely into the product unit since it is simple, loaded with practical attributes and highlights, as well as super-duper straightforward to fly on account of built-in GPS modules. The brand has managed to simplify this UAV basic and simultaneously make it adequately smart to play out cutting-edge flight capabilities. 

Finally, in case you have any inquiries related, do not hesitate to reach out to us via the comment section. 

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