Snaptain S5C Review: Is It a Real Steal?

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Snaptain S5C drone
Snaptain S5C drone
PROS- Less expensive but highly advanced, with numerous noteworthy features and modes
- Considered as the most impressive cheap UAV with the camera
- Just minimal assembly required
- The short learning curve for beginner users
- Exceptionally sturdy and can take up being dropped & handled unpleasantly. That makes it fantastic for younger pilots
- Gesture and voice control
- Gravity control
- Can perform numerous great moves
- It has different speed level possibilities, which makes it as suitable for newbies as it would be for more experienced users
- It comes with an additional battery for extra flight time
- Stylishly designed
- Good quality built
- It comes with spare propellers
- Seamless connection through the application
- Decent flight time at that price range
- Integrated camera
CONS- Despite an additional battery, you need to charge batteries quite frequently
- Limited control distance
- No GPS mode
- The camera just up to 720p
- Flights may not be stable in windy conditions
- No MicroSD card included
QUICK CONCLUSION- SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone is a great, well-priced model with various features packed in a balanced way in a user-friendly, futuristic design.

Who should purchase it?

Anybody. As you will discover in this Snaptain S5C review, the model is an entirely well-priced UAV with numerous advanced attributes and modes. 

Because it is affordable, you can be sure not to feel so sorry regardless of whether the drone crashes. 

However, do not stress over crashing too much since you will not smash it. With fantastic features, if you do not rush before making a serious commitment, you will figure out how to operate the S5C without crashing it. 

This is a decent UAV for advanced pilots as well. The model comes with some attributes and highlights that costly flying robots have. It is loads of fun to fly and capture good enough footage. Notwithstanding, do note that you should purchase a microSD card to put away your recordings.

If you are planning to join the drone flying community, there are a lot of drones accessible at an enticing price range. However, some of them do not have the fundamental attributes or highlights. Neither, their construction quality is barely sufficient. 

On the other hand, a couple of bad boys have been all the rage recently, dazzling fans and amateurs as well. Snaptain S5C is one of these robots.

Not to generalize, but there are some opinions against low-cost items from China. When it comes to this item, does it have almost no fault when examined?

Let’s figure out whether it is as good as you hope for in this unbiased Snaptain S5C review.

(Please note that we also refer to the term ‘drone’ as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), crewless aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation.)

What is in the box?

Before we get into its specifications, highlights, and attributes, what is the box of this product unit? Inside the package, you can see:

  • One S5C UAV (of course)
  • One 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Two landing slips
  • Four propeller guards
  • Four spare propellers
  • Two propellers cap
  • Two 3.7V lithium-ion batteries 
  • One USB charger
  • Eight screws 
  • One screwdriver
  • One manual

Key specifications

  • Dimensions: 13.9 inches long x 9.7 inches wide x 3.3 inches high
  • Weight: 127 grams (Unloaded)
  • Range: About eighty meters
  • Speed: Three-speed mode
  • FPV camera: 720p HD
  • Battery capacity: 550 mAh
  • Flight time: About nine minutes

Snaptain S5C review

Main features

1. Construction

The Snaptain model has an ABS plastic design, being extraordinary at a crewless aircraft vehicle at this price point. 

As you may know, many toy-quality UAVs settle on less expensive plastic to reduce their production costs. However, this drone from Snaptain does not hold back around there. That is a positive development, considering robots in the price range do not have the incredible ability to recognize hindrances and protect themselves from harm (accordingly, resistance to crashes would be more appropriate). 

Beyond its good construction quality, the model is gorgeously created to pull off a cutting-edge vibe. Polished but characterized by lines & outer edges, it depends on a dark matte scheme featured by blue tones for such an impartial & tasteful airplane aesthetic.

Regardless of how rugged the construction is, the drone maker incorporated a few consumables in the bundle – say, landing slips, propeller guards, spare propellers & an additional battery in case of broken parts or harms. 

Speaking of the weight, please bear in mind that you should mull over operating it in blustery since this drone is somewhat light (i.e., around 127 grams) or even light-wind conditions. 

2. Camera

We are continuing the Snaptain S5C Wifi FPV drone review by mentioning its camera. On the one hand, this drone comes with a 720p HD one, which may not be the most awesome in the market regarding quality & execution. On the other hand, if you think about the super-duper-reasonable price, it is not a letdown at all.

The camera is capable enough to capture decent stills & film, and even the more fantastic ones in the stable hovering mode. Likewise, it allows you to access the FPV, so you can monitor your surroundings when you move your robot around. 

Where the entirety of that is incredible, the eighty-meter transmission distance likely restricts how extensive your exploration can be.

3. Usability

The Snaptain S5C review cannot be complete without talking about its ease of use. This drone’s controller is terrific since it would appear as a knock-off console controller, best case scenario. 

On the one hand, the layout is the thing you may anticipate from a standard UAV regulator, with two handy joysticks as well as different devoted buttons. Additionally, to boost your comfort, there is a cell phone mount.

However, control & response are excellent. And as matched with the ergonomic construction, the model turns into a fantasy to operate in the air. Its epic & straightforward approach uplifts its appeal and becomes manageable following a couple of long utilization periods. 

Undeniably, with the product unit’s different gimmicks & intelligent attributes, the flight experience is – to a greater extent, fun and entertaining activity instead of a specialized one. For example, there include simple departing & landing models and attributes such as voice & gesture recognition. At this point, you can just envision how Snaptain succeeded in packing that numerous treats in a single drone. 

4. Battery life

Now we are addressing the flight time factor in this Snaptain S5C Wifi FPV drone review. Its 550 mAh Li-ion battery provides about nine minutes being airborne. While that is not absolutely great, it is – as yet, a reasonable time amount to make your automation stay in the air. For your information, The least expensive UAVs tend to have five to seven minutes of continuous time aloft. 

Again, an extra battery is in the box; that is why your drone flight time will become handily multiplied. Do note that it takes 90 minutes, give or take, for each of those batteries to charge. 

5. Performance

In the Snaptain S5C review, it is safe to say that it is a simple-to-fly robot. The previously mentioned straightforward controls & innovative attributes all provide drone operators with plenty of safety against misfortune or difficulty, particularly for newbies.

You may like that three speed modes allow you to set the flying machine’s speed based on how confident & skilled you are. As an intelligent robot, the S5C will stick to your cell phone movements or controller inputs at once.

What is more to brag about? The product unit’s stability is hardly doubtful, regardless of its weight & dimensions. That is ideal for taking respectable stills & recordings with its 720p HD camera. 

Intelligent flight control and modes

1. VR compatibility

Where it is sufficiently simple to operate the drone using a cell phone or controller, adventurous will be glad to see that the S5C UAV has virtual reality (or VR) compatibility. That enables a more vivid drone flying experience, which should provide you with your robot’s flight path’s more realistic view.

2. One-key take off/ land/ return

Why do we need to talk about this flight mode in the Snaptain S5C Wifi FPV drone review? Because it is genuinely the definition of beginner friendliness. 

The model boasts a committed One-key take-off/ land/ return capability. Simply hit the controller’s button, and your drone will become airborne and arrive on the ground safely; you will not have to stress over the best way to move it appropriately.

3. Altitude hold

As you can see, the S5C drone is not a photography one fundamentally. Still, thanks to the convenient Altitude hold mode, you can enable the UAV to hover in one place in the air. 

In other words, it will stay still in its position and at the same time let you capture clear photographs & recordings. Technically speaking, the flying machine’s six-axis gyroscope allows for the feasibility of this feature.

4. Gesture and voice control

Yea, you heard us right! It is a flying robot below 100 dollars with gesture & voice control. Counting on the dedicated cell phone application, you will be able to appreciate the gesture & voice mode. 

Please keep in mind that to make the gesture & voice modes function, you should be somewhere between one to three meters of the robot. Because this robot’s presets for the two modes are accessible, you may want to follow them to become identified by the tracking algorithm. 

5. Headless mode

Amazingly, a UAV at such an affordable price as the S5C gets a headless capability integrated into it. 

Owing to the mode, any novice drone operator can control the robot more easily. You will not have to stress over the robot’s front-end direction to operate it. 

6. Gravity sensor

With the gravity sensor, you can move your cell phone at specific angles to control the flying machine. That shadow imitating mode is enjoyable to use and is a positively new area to attempt from the typical movements based on your controller. 

7. Trajectory

More often than not, you will not hope for intuitive drone flight attributes included in an inexpensive UAV. However, much to your surprise, this S5C comes with the Trajectory attribute, which enables you to draw a flight path on the cell phone application, and your drone will move along that path.

8. Wifi warning system

If you own a drone for the first time, it is highly likely a genuinely unpleasant experience to lose your robot on its very first flight. To assist you with that, the S5C drone’s Wifi warning mechanism gives an advance notice once the signal level decreases from four bars to one. 

Some of the best alternatives

Now that you have read through the Snaptain S5C Wifi FPV drone review, are you wondering if there is any UAV model like it? We have done some research and summed up the most fantastic alternatives right below.

1. Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Quadcopter – by DJI

snaptain s5c alternative - ryze tech tello mini drone
Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Quadcopter

This DJI-power flying robot boasts thirteen minutes of operating time in the air with a max speed of 17.9 miles per hour. The camera innovation has a top-notch image processor for taking five-megapixel pictures & HD720 recordings. Another significant element from the model is the accessible accessories, for instance, propeller guards, propellers, & batteries.

2. Holy Stone F181W 1080P Wifi FPV Drone – by Holy Stone

Holy Stone F181W 1080P Wifi FPV Drone snaptain s5c alternative
Holy Stone F181W 1080P Wifi FPV Drone

The significant attributes of this product unit are extraordinary, given that it is a beginner gadget. For example, you will appreciate 3D flips, one-key take-off and land, altitude hold mode, the 1080p 120-degree FOV wide-point Wifi camera, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. It is also worth mentioning that the transmitter operating range can go over 300 feet. with somewhere between eight to ten minutes of flight time for each battery. 

All in all

Hopefully, the Snaptain S5C review is helpful to you.

To be honest, how an item like the S5C could – without much of a stretch, fit into the affordably-priced drone category and bring an astounding number of attributes & specifications to the table surprises us. Snaptain is doubtlessly making it difficult for other toy drone producers to win the competition. 

It is evident, that is the thing that many of you love seeing. You are all tied in with spending money carefully. 

It is worth noting that the brand does not (bam) throw this and that feature here and there. Instead, the drone has received careful and thorough manufacturing and designing consideration to have such a balanced construction. It has the fundamentals of a functional UAV and simultaneously allows you to appreciate premium attributes without giving out something over the top. 

As it were, this flying machine helps out the entire UAV community: it has you interested and enthusiastic about the hobby, letting you dynamically look for more great product units for your particular demands.

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