Reasons to buy a drone in 2022

In recent years, the amount of drone footage online has exploded – with everyone from budding enthusiasts to professional videographers uploading stunning footage from their travels around the world. There’s little denying that drones can capture otherwise impossible views and perspectives but with even the cheapest models still putting in a dent in your wallet, there can often be a dilemma for first timers choosing whether to invest in drone equipment. 

Why you need a drone 

Reasons to buy a drone in 2022

If you’re stuck on the fence on whether or not to purchase a drone, below are some compelling reasons that might help you decide. 

A massive range of products to suit any budget: The days of drones being purely the reserve of high-end filmmakers with equally deep pockets have long gone and today there is a huge range of models – available at an equally diverse range of prices. Of course, as with most things in life, you do pretty much get what you pay for when it comes to drone equipment, but with massive improvements in technology and production techniques, even high-quality machines have dropped in price. Your best bet is to shop around online and check review sites. Also, remember to pick a reliable drone supplier that uses a professional delivery company. Alternatively, you could also source a hot shot trucking firm – the primary advantage being that they could pick up extra deliveries if you end up buying equipment from more than one retailer. 

The potential to recoup your outlay: While the popularity of drones has undoubtedly increased in recent years, they remain a relatively exclusive product compared to traditional camera or video camera technology. As a result, if you develop your flying skills sufficiently, you might pick up work filming video for use in advertising, precision mapping, inspecting structures, and more.

See the world from a different perspective: Everything looks better filmed from a drone – fact. Drones can capture even the drabbest of subjects and make them look impressive, particularly when you start experimenting with flyover views, vertical shots and zooms. Unleash your creativity and see where it takes you. 

Unrivaled, shudder-free, smooth footage: Modern drones come equipped with gimbals meaning even if your flying skills are still a little amateurish, you’ll still capture super-smooth video. Also, depending on your drone model and supplied app, you may be able to pre-plot a flight path and camera angles using the supplied mobile software which takes the guesswork out of flying and makes for incredibly polished footage. 

Take your social media following to new levels: The popularity of social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook has exploded in recent years but, to stand out among the throng of new content, filmmakers need to produce the most engaging media possible. Recent statistics from YouTube suggest the platform now receives an astonishing 500 hours of uploaded media every minute. By featuring drone footage in your productions, you’ll be more likely to grab attention and keep users watching with your unique shots from the air. 

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