Parrot Mini: The Complete Guide

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The firm from France Parrot is among the most impressive UAV makers out there at the present time. Providing a great range of interestingly styled fliers, the brand loves to divide their airborne flying machines into two fundamental classes, Drones and Mini drones. From that point, the company’s Business Solutions have worked on the things’ commercial side. 

In this post, we are going to be more specific about Parrot Mini, for example, which are they and how to reset Parrot mini drone. Let’s dive into it below!

Please note that here, we also refer to drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation.

Before we start

As usual, if you do not mind, let us spare a brief time to address safety and security as well as best practices before we plunge into the UAVs. 

In case you are a frequent reader of our site, there is not a lot to state that you have not just perused. Some flying robots from this brand are adequately sizable; that is why you should register them with the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before you let it be in the air. It is a small amount of money that provides you with simple access to the most recent security and safety info on everything going into the air in America. 

Clearly, you will have to recognize and observe the UAV laws and guidelines in your own nation as well as in your particular community, city, or state, and consistently make sure to fly carefully out there. 

Parrot mini drones

It is worth noting that the mini drones are the place where you can discover the most variety in the brand’s line. Making things stay less sizable, less bulky in weight, simple to control and genuinely well priced, beginner drone flyers and youngsters might need to begin here. 

1. Airborne Night and Airborne Cargo 

At only more than fifty grams, this Parrot mini drone swat camera delivers two sorts for your preferences, the Cargo which has fantastic mounting points for Mega and Lego Blocks style payload and the Night with useful LED headlights.

You can control this flying aircraft vehicle either by the controller or the mobile app. Advertised to younger crowds, the Parrots Airborne flying robots are robust and known as being protected to function indoors for around nine minutes for every charge. 

The Parrot Airborne Cargo
The Parrot Airborne Cargo

2. Parrot Mambo

the parrot mambo
The Parrot Mambo

Formally supplanting not only the Airborne Cargo but also the Night, this Mambo is a pretty more substantial unmanned aircraft vehicle, and it is capable enough to take amusing elements to the higher level. 

There are two accessories that work to characterize the model. The 1st one is a less sizable ball launcher mounting on the UAV’s top, prepared to take on other different flying robots in the airborne fight, or simply bother a sibling and all that. 

The 2nd boasts of somewhat more capability cum potential, the freight clamp. As you can see, the Grabber is an adorable small clip that is engine controlled for you to convey as much as four grams of payload. Sufficiently straightforward, the brand promotes that as an excellent method to bring notes to a friend or family member. 

3. Parrot Jumping Race and Jumping Night

Parrot Jumping Race
Parrot Jumping Night

Do you wish to take a fantastic remote controller vehicle to the ground? Then, this line may be your favorite. It is an impressive vehicle with two quality wheels which hurry along the ground, at that point can jump into the air. 

The drone’s mounted camera is maybe a fascinating plus point to the Jumping UAV, with Night presenting LED headlights while Race is getting a charge out of more enhanced speeds.

What are you waiting for but take video from the Parrot mini drone max altitude?

4. Parrot Hydrofoil

Parrot Hydrofoil
Parrot Hydrofoil

We think the least demanding approach to clarify this model is as a buoy connection to a small quadcopter machine. This brilliant product unit does a fantastic job of giving two devices in one. The mini quadcopter is capable of flying alone or connecting to the buoys to drive the boat portion across the water.

5. Parrot Swing

Obscuring the lines between the aircraft and quadcopter drone, this product unit is an exciting gadget. It boasts of a considerable foam X-formed double-wing construction; you will begin with the props looking up. Begin with throttling up to float as a quadrotor drone; at that point, since the pilot moves around, he/ she will ultimately speed forward, and the wings will take him/ her to aircraft-similar flight. 

Thanks to the considerable flat wings that gives a large part of the lift, the drone’s props are ready to generate more considerable speeds and a lot more prominent time of flight. The model is indeed the only flying robot on our rundown that surpasses the American commanded 0.55 lbs registration prerequisite – kindly register this automation with the FAA before you allow it to be on the air. 

6. Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot Rolling Spider
The Parrot Rolling Spider

This flying robot is a simple-to-direct smaller-than-expected quadrotor drone that you can control using your tablet or cell phone. Because of its numerous sensors, the flight is genuinely steady – outside or inside. Also, the connectable wheels of the drone work to secure its props as well as add some usefulness.

Parrot mini drones shed light on the good price and fun 

Flying robots have every one of sizes and shapes, for instance, semi-pro quadrotor drones such as the Phantom 3 Professional from DJI, sizable military product units (FYI, the ones that you notice on Homeland), and toy product units such as the series of mini drones from Parrot. Such machines do an excellent job of driving, flying, as well as skimming over the water; even better, you have the choice to control them by means of your tablet or cell phone. 

Here, we are talking about Parrot mini drones in more detail with the affordability and fun in mind for your better understanding.

The Parrot Airborne Cargo product units are capable of flying at eleven mph at most for as long as nine minutes without the prop guards connected, or seven minutes with this part.

The model comes with a little camera with the ability to take still pictures at 0.3-megapixel, and the device works to convey toy building squares or little actions figures on the body. The camera gets mounted for it to focus straight down and be able to take stunning selfies from above. It is additionally helpful for deciding the speed that the model is flying. 

Also, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and ultrasound sensing device are capable of making the robot stable airborne. Similar to the more costly Bebop model, this one works to carry out fantastic flips at 180 degrees or 90 degrees, and the drone’s sensors will enable you just to toss it in the air to draw in the motors and turn over flight. 

A photo taken by Parrot Bepop 2
A photo taken by Parrot Bepop 2 on Unplash

It is worth noting that the entirety of flying robots from this brand boast of character names; the Parrot Cargo is accessible in a yellow unit called Travis and a silver unit called Mars. Its cost is favorable.

When it comes to the Parrot Airborne Night, it has similar specifications to the brand’s Cargo, yet adds useful LED lights for capturing photos in the low light condition. It is accessible in Blaze (red & yellow), Mac Lane (black & blue), and SWAT (dark and dim) shading schemes at a fair price.

In the event that you like to drone on the ground, you will not be able to go wrong with the Parrot Jumping product unit. It will move around the ground and be able to hop more than two feet in the air. The machine comes with a quality camcorder which records video film at 480p or stills at 0.3 megapixels and is capable of driving automatically along adjustable courses. 

As mentioned above, two versions are available: the Jumping Race with the ability to accomplish speeds of as high as six mph and for twenty minutes between charges and the Jumping Night with the ability to drive at four mph for as long as twenty minutes. The Parrot Night is accessible in Marshall (Red), Buzz (white), Diesel (dim blue); when it comes to the Parrot Race, it is in Tuk-Tuk (yellow with dark hustling stripes), Max (red), or Jett (white with fire decals). Every one of the jumping product units has a reasonable price,

How about the Parrot Hydrofoil model? It is basically the brand’s Airborne product units with none of the lights or load-carrying ability, connected to a hydrofoil. The robot is capable of skimming over the water, around two inches over the surface, at paces of more than five knots, for around seven minutes for each battery charge. 

It is worth noting that you need to spare a specific room to get the device up to an acceptable speed and get over water; the brand cannot get it to float over the surface in some reflecting pool. The helicopter works to detach from the Parrot Hydrofoil and do everything that you expect to do with the Parrot Airborne. The model is accessible in New Z (all-dark form) or Orak (white with earthy colored trim) at a favorable price.

The most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Parrot mini drone distance?

  • The Airborne Cargo and Airborne Night: The brand guarantees a range of as much as 65 feet; however, we would not trust that all the time. In case you lose the connection, this flying robot will basically drift. Not at all similar to the Parrot Bebop or some other more costly flying robots with GPS, this one will not attempt to get back in the event that it ceases to have the signal.
  • The Parrot Mambo: Parrot Mambo: It likewise includes the brand’s FlyPad controller with a range of up to one hundred meters (330 feet). With the Power battery, it has flight times as long as ten minutes. And the speeds are as high as eighteen mph (thirty kmh).
  • The Jumping Race and Jumping Night: The maximum distance is 165 feet/ fifty meters in the free-field conditions.
  • The Hydrofoil: The max connectivity distance is twenty meter range.
  • The Parrot Swing: Its piloting distance is likely to arrive at sixty meters at most. The model comes with two operational modes, either in aircraft mode for flying like planes or in Quadricopter mode for fixed flights. The aircraft mode will enable you to actuate the boost mode for higher speed as well as more stunning aerobatics. 
  • The Parrot Rolling Spider: It has a maximum speed of about eleven mph, and the Bluetooth remote range of the drone is around 66′. You can remove the battery, and it will provide you with as long as eight minutes for each charge (note: it will be six minutes with the wheels). 

2. How to install the props on the Swing?

How about this Parrot mini drone propeller placement? Start by moving out the UAV’s battery. At that point, adhere to the directions to fit the props onto the model:

  • Put the white props at the drone’s front and the dark props at its back. 
  • Allude to the dim markings on the UAV’s engines and the props.
  • When every one of the props is set up, ensure that since you adjust them in parallel, the inward blades will incline towards the drone’s body. 

Pro tip: In case your product unit turns over when becoming airborne, the problem here may be that the blades have failed to be properly fitted. 

3. What about the repairability of the Parrot Airborne?

These flying robots are not generally designed to be fixed. In the event that you break one of the spars that keep the engines set up, you will need to supplant the whole body. The drone’s rotors are one of the Parrot mini drone replacement parts – we mean they are replaceable, however; you have the choice to pull them off the engines and place a new rotor. 

To be reasonable, for our own experience, we did not break the rotors (or some other piece of this flying robot), in spite of various accidents and particular weighty flying. On the one hand, one of the UAV’s rotors separated as it hit a tree limb; on the other hand, we found the rotor not damaged and set it back on the engine without discovering any severe impacts. In general, the Airborne robots are quite durable and will be able to face some real punishment.

4. What to do if my Parrot Mambo fails to connect?

What if I find the Parrot mini drone not connecting? In case you do not know, the brand’s Mambo’s factory reset clears every one of the info deployed on the UAV. It might be necessary in the event that you experience the issues below: 

  • You notice unacceptable execution of the code that runs on the product unit.
  • The model powers off at once following a reboot. 
  • The connection to the unmanned aircraft vehicle over Bluetooth is coming up short, despite the connectivity working before.


To play out the model’s factory reset, follow the steps below: 

1. Turn on the UAV and await its LEDs to become green. 

2. Follow with hitting the machine’s Power button again and making it stay pressed for around half a minute. During the period: 

  • Both LEDs get red alternately and begin blinking.
  • The blinking recurrence raises, showing the reset procedure’s final stage.
  • Make the Power button stay pressed. Stop doing so when the drone’s LEDs become green. 

3. Clear the model’s memory (you can refer to the detailed instructions here).

In the wake of playing out the factory reset of the drone product unit, connect the UAV to the host PC over Bluetooth (check out the Setup & Configuration here). 

5. How to connect Parrot mini drone to phone?

Since Bluetooth Low Energy is supported by the mini UAV from this brand, it will not show up in the standard rundown of close-by Bluetooth gadgets shown on your cell phone. 

It is just possible to see your robot as well as connect with it by means of the FreeFlight Mini application. 

  1. Activate the Bluetooth of your cell phone.
  2. Start the FreeFlight Mini application   
  3. Press the list icon to show the Parrot Mini drones in the cell phone’s range.
  • You will discover that the MiniDrone and your cell phone will get the auto connection. After the “Sending status” notification appears, there will come the “Connected” message.
  • The tick mark icon demonstrates that your UAV presently has connectivity. 
  • The wifi icon demonstrates the Bluetooth connection status of your UAV with your cell phone. The quantity of bars shown demonstrates the connection’s strength.

In the event that your cell phone does not have an auto connection with your drone, opt for the name of your UAV in the rundown. 

6. What if my Mambo camera is not working?

What should you do in case of the Parrot mini drone camera not working? Kindly refer to the following steps to assist you with handling the problem: 

  • Delete the Free flight app.
  • Visit the settings and look for network settings. You will see the search bar situated on the highest point of settings; simply type down the network settings. 
  • Go for resetting network settings. Ensure that you are just setting again the network settings but nothing else since you would prefer not to lose every one of the info on the phone.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Download the app once more. 
  • Reset the UAV by pushing on the Off & On button for half of thirty seconds and afterwards let go. 
  • Connect the UAV to the phone through wifi.
  • Celebrate your unmanned aircraft vehicle.

Subsequent to following the above steps, the problem should be settled. 

Please bear in mind that after step 6 and earlier step 7, we matched our Parrot Mambo drone with our phone by means of Bluetooth. We did not ever need to match the controller with the phone. The camera must be immovably attached to the drone.

7. How can I update my Mambo drone? 

How to update Parrot mini drone with the FreeFlight Mini application?

  • Turn on the drone and put it on the level surface with the props confronting upwards. 
  • Await until the LED lights begin blazing green. 
  • Enable your cell phone’s Bluetooth capability and open the FreeFlight Mini application. In the event that your application does not have an auto connection with your drone, opt for the name of your UAV in the rundown. 
  • On the application’s home screen, hit Update. That is when the application downloads the updates. 
  • Press OK. As soon as the update file is downloaded, the app will introduce it on your drone, which is likely to take a few minutes. 
  • The application will inquire as to whether you need to restart your robot. 
  • Press OK. That is when your drone restarts. 

How to update your drone via USB?

Please keep in mind that before you connect your UAV to your PC, ensure the battery of the machine is charged. 

  • Utilize the micro-USB cable to connect the drone to the PC. 
  • Turn on the drone. Your PC will automatically distinguish your UAV.
  • Visit the support page of the Mambo. Follow with downloading the update file accessible in .plf format. 
  • As though it were the USB stick, copy the .plf file in the PC’s Parrot_Mambo drive. Please note that the file ought to be put at the Parrot_Mambo’s root. Try not to place it in a folder; also, try not to rename it.
  • Disconnect the Mambo from the PC. You will find the drone is updating. The LEDs will streak orange, and the UAV will start again. 
  • Await until the machine’s LED lights begin blazing green. That is when the update installation is finished. 

If you want to check the update, you can connect the cell phone to the UAV; then, open your FreeFlight Mini application. Follow with pressing Mambo_…. The Mambo’s version no. will appear in the Software Version.

8. How to charge Parrot mini drone?

To charge your UAV’s battery, begin by inserting its battery in the room given at the back of the UAV. Using the micro-USB cable, you will connect your drone to a USB power supply adapter or a PC. Please note that the charging LED of the machine is intense red when it is charging; enable around half an hour of charging time. 

9. Why my Parrot mini drone won’t take off?

In the event that your flying robot’s props are turning, and the robot endeavors to take off, inclines aside and nearly flips over, the most typical cause behind why your robot probably will not be taking off is on the grounds that the props ARE NOT on the proper engine. 

10. The Mambo motor replacement?

Do you have a Mambo drone flying itself into the ground excessively hard? And what you discovered was that the brushed engine had been totally torn from its contacts, consequently leaving no choice except for to supplant it?

How about this Parrot mini drone motor replacement?

  • The difficulty: Simple
  • Steps: Six
  • The time needed: Ten minutes

Tools needed:

  • Spudger
  • Screwdriver

Parts needed:

The step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Defective motor

The engine is the faulty one. The engine shaft is enabled to move openly here and there. Ours were the front right engine. 

Step 2: Move out the rubber foot

  • Flip quadrotor drone over to the underside 
  • Getting under the elastic foot utilizing your fingernail or the spudger.
  • Move out the rubber foot

Step 3: Move out the electronics housing

  • Move out four screws by utilizing the driver.
  • Follow with lifting up the panel with care, beginning from the back of the quadcopter, and unhooking from the front’s lip.

Step 4: Disconnect motor wires

  • In this step, disconnect the engine wires which relate to the engine you are supplanting. We needed to disconnect the back right to rewire the front right engine effectively. 
  • Pull with care on the wire. You should utilize the spudger for getting the connector out of the socket.
  • Pull wires liberated from the board. 

Step 5: Motor removal

Try to grasp the engine you need to move out using one hand and the frame using the other hand. Pull in a way that uses steady strength to take the engine out. 

Step 6:

Utilize your spudger to move out the engine’s base by pushing it over the top. 

Please note that to put the things together again, refer to the instructions from the end to the beginning.

11. How much does a Parrot mini drone cost?

They tend to come at a reasonable price. For example, in the case of the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider, it may be a less cheap model when thinking that you have the choice to buy a basic small quad for under thirty dollars. With that being said, in spite of its appearances, the product unit is definitely not a normal small quadrotor drone. For beginners, it is controlled totally using your tablet and cell phone and not an average radio controller.

12. What about the Parrot mini drone warranty?

What is the warranty time frame for items sold by this brand? Indeed, the things it sells get covered by the warranty for a time of 364 x 2 days. When it comes to the accessories sold on its store, they are ensured for a time of a half year. Please bear in mind that the warranty produces results from the date of receipt of your item. 

13. Is the Parrot mini drone software update significant? 

Yes, it is critical to update your flying robot with the most current version. Are you wondering why? Since doing so forestalls PC bugs and further enhances how your drone performs.

As mentioned above, you have the option to update your UAV via USB or through the Freeflight Mini application. Please note that to update the drone using the FreeFlight Mini app, you, more likely than not, need to connect it to the cell phone once or more.

14. How to control Parrot mini drone?

The brand’s FreeFlight Mini application will automatically identify which Parrot UAV you are utilizing. Just switch on your robot, have Bluetooth activation on your tablet or cell phone and open the app. Opt for your robot from the rundown which shows up on the screen. Your robot will, at that point, connect and you are prepared for take-off! 

15. Are flying machines from Parrot any great? All of them are foam and plastic? 

Conceding that just about any UAVs from this brand are made out of generally foam and plastics, we need to inquire as to whether that is indeed something terrible? Such materials have less cost, are less bulky, pretty tough, and adaptable. While they are not as solid as costly carbon fiber or metals, that may merit the compromise. 

Taking into account that nearly all the harm to UAVs occurs in either transportation or crashes, a robot constructed out of ‘inexpensive’ materials will still become dependable when being airborne in the event that you fly it securely and it is shipped carefully. Of course, you will need to choose whether that is adequate for your necessities. There are a couple of flight circumstances in which the materials of the frame have some impacts, indeed; however, for the average camera UAV, we are pretty sure that you will be Okay with plastics. 

16. Are there any new UAVs from Parrot introduced not far off? 

You can be certain that we will share with you when we have any idea of any new UAVs from this brand coming out – through our posts, yet we do not have anything at this moment. While you and we may appreciate operating a camera at home, the brand has discovered that genuine cash is in the commercial market. You have the choice to find variations of many drones from Parrot constructed explicitly for inspection assignments, especially for horticulture. All the more as of late, the brand was affirmed as a provider of automated craft for the American Government. 

All in all

With a couple of novel designs brought to the table and a bunch of significantly fun robots to fly, Parrot is a significant competitor in the less sizable flying robot space. Holding things at a favorable price is a vital marketing approach; however, it is likely to keep the brand from staying aware of players such as DJI regarding pro photography. 

All things considered, there is no doubt that Parrot has made engaging choices to opt for. 

Will you be bringing home a UAV from this brand? Feel free to let us know and share your experience in the comment section below.

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