JY018 Foldable Selfie Drone Review: Is It The Best Mini Drone for Selfies?

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If you are looking for a new gadget to provide both fun and functionality, a small selfie drone might be what you need. Drones may have been used for military purposes initially, but they have quickly evolved and become part of everyday life. 

Drones aren’t just used in the military, and no longer are they only used for filming cool runs down the mountain or for real estate purposes

Did you know that you can buy very small and inexpensive drones that can be used to take really breathtaking selfies? Today, we will take a look at one such small, user-friendly, and affordable selfie drone. 

JY018 Mini Selfie Drone Review

JY018 0.3MP/2.0MP Camera Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone
JY018 0.3MP/2.0MP Camera Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone

Pros and Cons

  • Great price
  • Small and portable
  • Fits into pockets
  • Fairly durable
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Multiple control modes
  • User-friendly
  • Very easy to fly
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Pretty good camera
  • Operational range is pretty short
  • Battery life isn’t great
Quick ConclusionThe JY018 Mini Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone is the perfect drone for people who want to take awesome selfie pictures and want a cool new way to get it done.

This drone is not the most advanced, but it also comes at a very reasonable price. This is a simple little drone for personal use, so its features and functionality are a bit limited. However, if you’re looking to take some great snapshots, the JY018 could be right for you. 

Who is This Product for?

First, the JY018 is for people who want to take really nice selfies. When you have to use your phone to take selfies, you can never get a good angle because your arms can only stretch so far from your face; this means that taking group selfies with more than three people is nearly impossible. Selfie sticks usually won’t do a proper job. 

This is where a drone like the JY018 comes into play. It’s something that you can control with your smartphone and take high-quality personal and group selfies from some really neat angles. This drone is all about getting the right angle and the right distance for the best selfies.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the JY018 Pocket Selfie Drone, a few things come with the drone. This unit has a 2.0 MP 720P HD Wi-Fi camera. You also get four blades/propellers, a USB charging cable, and a 3.7v 550 mAh battery. It doesn’t come with a lot, but there’s really not much to complain about for the price. 

Overview of Features

The JY018 Mini Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone has some really cool features, with one of those being that it is very user-friendly.

First, this drone does have a remote control but instead uses your phone as the controller. Simply sync it up with your phone, and then use the corresponding control app. This way, not only can you control the drone with your phone, but when you take pictures and videos, they’ll already be on your phone too.

It’s not difficult to control this drone during flight. Everything is a one-touch kind of thing. Using your phone to either land or take off, you simply press the landing or takeoff buttons, and the drone will do the rest. This means not worrying about sticking the landing, which is pretty essential, especially for beginners. This drone can even do some rolls.

Moreover, the JY018 also comes with a mode where you can simply tilt your phone left, right, back, or forward to control the drone. It can detect your phone’s movement and then adjust its flight based on those movements using special sensors. It’s a convenient way to control a drone. 

The headless mode allows the drone to remember its exact takeoff position in relation to your position. You will never have to deal with backward controls due to the drone facing you. When you press left on the control pad, it always goes left relative to the drone’s takeoff position. 

In terms of the camera, as mentioned above, it is a 2.0 MP 720P HD Wi-Fi camera, which is pretty decent considering the price. It may not be the most advanced camera, but it’s more than good enough for selfies and videos. 

Something to note is that this unit has only a seven-minute flight time on a single charge, and it takes about 60 minutes to charge. Moreover, the operational distance is about 80 meters or about 260 feet, more than enough for your big group selfies. The altitude hold mode is also quite convenient; push a single button, and the drone will hold its position.

JY018 Mini Selfie Drone Alternatives

The JY018 is a very affordable and convenient pocket drone, but it does have its limitations. Suppose you’d like something a bit more advanced, with much longer battery life, a much further operational range, and more advanced features. In that case, something like the DJI Mini 2 Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter might be better suited for you. You can read DJI MINI 2 full review here.

an alternative for JY018: DJI Mini 2 Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter
DJI Mini 2 Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter – an alternative for JY018


To get you started, we have included a detailed video guide on operating the JY018 Pocket Drone. 

JY018 Mini Drone video


The JY018 Mini Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone is a cool device, as you can see. It’s not the most advanced drone on the market, but it’s small, affordable, convenient, and perfect for taking on the go for your high-quality selfies. 

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