HUBSAN Zino Review: Should You Buy It?

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The model from Hubsan is definitely among the top camera drones at a budget in the market these days.

The Hubsan Zino Pro 4K

Hubsan Zino Pros & Cons

  • lots of spare parts available
  • super smooth gimbal
  • return to home feature
  • foldable design
  • flight functions such as waypoints and follow me
  • 4k camera
  • three-axis gimbal
  • a budget-friendly choice and the best cheaper alternative to higher-end drones
  • no low battery warning on the drone’s controller
  • no position hold sensors or obstacle avoidance
  • no position hold sensors or obstacle avoidance
QUICK CONCLUSIONWhile it is not as filled with features as a couple of the drones from DJI, this Hubsan Zino is a fantastic model for the price, and we certainly suggest you buy it in case you are searching for an affordable 4k drone.
The model from Hubsan is definitely among the top camera drones at a budget in the market these days.

In this ultimate review, we will look into plenty of details:

  • Target audience 
  • Key features
  • How to fly the Hubsan Zino
  • What flight modes does the drone come with?
  • What is in the box? 
  • Accessories 

Above all, after reading through the review, you will have a better idea of why many people consider this machine to be their favorite camera drone in such a favorable price range. It may become your favorite as well – who knows!

Please note that here, we also refer to the term drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation).

Target audience

This UAV is MUCH MORE than worth its cost; it is nearly comparable to drones from the market leader DJI with regards to image quality, and that is on an entirely different level of price.

We think the product model can fit in a broad series of uses and many people that can appreciate the benefits of owning it.

  • Home inspection
  • Real estate
  • For travel 
  • As a subsequent step from a beginner automaton 
  • In case you are a hobbyist and need a genuinely trustworthy UAV to play around with as well as experiment filming
  • In case you are taking photographs/ recordings at weddings (This is a pretty decent addition to your devices without having to break the bank)

Key features

1. The battery life

This flying robot can remain in the air for a limit of 23 minutes (no wind).

Nonetheless, taking into account that you likely should return the automaton at 15% battery or 20%, it is around 19 minutes for actual time of use, particularly in conditions exposed to strong winds.

In case you cancel the auto RTH (return to home) on the low battery, you will be able to get more from it; on the other hand, we would not suggest doing so for the soundness of the battery.

2. Range 

The machine has the most considerable scope of one km in case there is very little interference.

We have seen this number reduced to around 600m in urban areas, for instance.

3. The weight

This Hubsan model has a weight of 700 grams and is clearly more than the 250g limit of American registration

It is not out of the ordinary, accounting for the hardware it has and the capacity to convey the three-axis camera and gimbal, aside from a large enough battery.

4. The accuracy level of GPS

The most considerable disadvantage of the model was that the stability of its GPS was somewhat crappy before. 

We were even through toilet bowl impacts. 

Still, the brand has changed the software significantly with the new update, so anything as far as stability goes has been fixed. 

Presently the automaton flies pretty steadily.

5. Does the drone return after losing signal?

Sure, the machine returns in the wake of losing the signal. 

It indeed returns until it gains the signal again, and afterward, it will stop so that you can take the controls once more. 

This is an attribute that we do like since it can spare you from canceling the RTH yourself in the event that there is a hindrance in between.

6. Does it come back on a low battery?

Yeah, the automaton returns on a low battery, 20%, to be exact, yet you will be able to deactivate this function from the application in case you want. 

You can likewise change the height the automaton returns at home.

7. The maximum height of Hubsan Zino

This aircraft can fly as high as 500m, yet you have the option to limit that setting from the application as well. 

There is additionally a beginner mode that will restrict not only distance but also height if you desire to practice without committing any mistakes.

8. Does the drone have optical flow stabilization?

The device does not feature impediment shirking sensors or optical flow stabilization.

That is why it brings down the cost however much as could be expected. 

However, it would have been great to at least come with an obstacle flow camera at the base so that you will be able to operate the drone inside or simply fly it increasingly stable since closer to the ground.

9. The model’s key specification

The camera is clearly the plus point of this flying robot, and it is relatively fantastic how they figured out how to really get an extremely OK looking camera on a nicely stabilized gimbal at this range of price.

These photographs are taken in 4k; just see the full resolution picture in a light box by clicking on them.

The photographs are fundamentally precisely what you will get from the video image too. Also, that is on the grounds that the pictures are nothing else than fundamentally still shots taken from video.

10. The quality of photos and the footage

We are quite content with the quality, we must admit. You may notice certain blurriness on the edges, yet otherwise, it is the first-class option from what we can tell. 

The gimbal is stabilized in three axes, and we mostly have no complaints regarding it; it runs as it ought to and is one of the most steady gimbals we have found in some time.

11. Camera settings

This Hubsan does not have numerous camera settings other than the standard ISO exposure and value.

While the max resolution wherein you will be able to record is 4k 30 fps, you can likewise count on 1080p in 60 fps in case you figure your PC will not deal with the processing power.

12. Transmitter and mobile app

As with better quality UAVs, the transmitter here feels somewhat cheaper. Though the sticks felt somewhat like less expensive toy flying robots from China, generally, the controller carries out its responsibility well. 

Typically transmitter quality is an area that we can compromise in, in case all the capacities are appropriately working. 

The automaton can be set up to fly in sport or standard mode, which will make it impressively quicker, yet will not enable more seamless cinematic movements.

  • A wheel is available to control the camera gimbal all over and a couple of valuable buttons such as RTH and auto-launch.
  • battery indicators
  • phone holder at the base 
  • switch between Atti mode and GPS mode 
  • Automatic departure 
  • RTH button 
  • scroll wheel to move the gimbal

13. What phones work with this drone?

The model does not ask you to utilize an 802.11ac phone, since it will connect via a cable to the transmitter, taking that function. 

That is why any smartphone will be compatible with the Hubsan, considering that you additionally get three different kinds of cable for Android and iPhones as well. 

You can likewise utilize only the phone, with no cables, and connect it to the automaton straightforwardly; however, that will expect you to own an 802.11ac Wifi phone, and the First-person view (FPV) distance will likewise be restricted to 300 m or somewhere in the vicinity. 

The device’s controller has a repeater at five g; thus, it can broaden the action range up to one km, which is pretty nice in any way.

14. The Zino app

For your information, the Zino application functions as it ought. While it does not have the most sophisticated settings out there, you will be able to set up just about anything that intermediate users desire and considerably more. 

You can clearly see things such as:

  • micro SD storage space indicator
  • Quantity of satellites connected (by the way, you need to have over seven in the event that you expect positioning to work)
  • speed
  • height
  • distance

15. The Zino’s speed

The Zino has two main flight modes: GPS and ATTI mode.

In GPS mode, it will fly more slowly. Meanwhile, in ATTI mode, unlocking the aircraft’s full 60 km/h sport mode is no problem.

Something else, 40 km/h ought to be sufficient for a great many people. 

How to fly the Hubsan Zino

  • The procedure is quite more complex on the first occasion when you do it; however, it will become more straightforward from that point on. 
  • Start the automaton and transmitter 
  • Connect to the application and your phone to the transmitter 
  • Bind the aircraft to the gadget by the 1st prompt that you get in your application screen 
  • Complete a GPS related accuracy test as prompted
  • Follow with calibrating the Compass from the menu settings (at any rate the first run through) 
  • Star the motors

What flight modes does the drone come with?

1. Waypoint mode

It is the standard waypoint mode, yet you can indeed alter the course of the automaton and camera angle while operating the drone, which is decent. 

2. Orbit mode

This is a standard flight mode; there are no problems here. It essentially does what it says. It may become awkward once in a while in windy conditions.

3. Following mode 

Here, you will be able to either track the subject on the screen or follow your phone’s GPS signal. The Following mode works quite well, and figures out how to follow subjects regardless of whether you run under the automaton. 

4. Line Fly mode 

This is our top choice because you will have the option to set up a specific trajectory for the automaton to fly at and afterward, play with it, to get an increasingly complex sideways shot, for instance.

What is in the box?

This model is certainly not a hugely sophisticated UAV with vast amounts of sensors and such; instead, it centers around: 

  • Fantastic brushless engines for conveying the heavy battery 
  • A strong build
  • What’s more, the fundamental focus: an aerial camera which is excellently stabilized

The plastic that it is constructed out of is relatively standard. Though it is somewhat inferior when compared to what you can see in drones from the DJI brand, that is adequate in any case. 

It likewise has foldable propellers, making the drone significantly progressively compact and straightforward to carry.

There is even a pleasant, cleverly made gimbal cover (that is anything but difficult to put on). 

  • Drone
  • Gimbal protector
  • Three kinds of connecting cables
  • Spare propellers
  • Remote
  • Manual
  • Screwdriver
  • Charger
  • Battery (multiple, contingent upon the package)


There is an increasing number of accessories introduced online for the Hubsan model since it becomes more well-known.

You will be able to get just about any stuff you want:

  • Charger
  • Propeller guards
  • Tablet extender
  • Carrying case
  • Spare batteries

The bottom line

Hubsan is known for its affordable UAVs; most of its flying robots have a budget-friendly price. They feature good attributes and are anything but difficult to fly. With that being said, thanks to the introduction of Hubsan Zino, the brand has now entered the UAV market’s higher end and should be able to compete against the likes of Anafi from Parrot and Mavic from DJ yet without the price tag that these models have. 

In case you do not know, we cannot get enough of UAVs, and one of our preferred things about modern consumer flying machines is that almost every one of them features cameras. The vast majority of them are acceptable, yet in case you need a camera UAV that is equipped for taking professional high-quality airborne pictures and video film, you would need to dish out a considerable amount of cash.

The good news is, Zino from Hubsan changes all that; this model features a professional camera and a couple of fantastic attributes just at a good price. It is an automaton that is reasonable for many people.

If you would love to be most current about all the latest UAV news, tips and tricks, how-to guides, top list, and reviews, then do not miss out on our posts that go out regularly. Enjoy reading, and thank you!

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