Drone Registration 101: How to Find Out if a Drone Is Registered

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In case you are among the vast number of new UAV owners eager to fly these fantastic robots, the absolute 1st thing you will need to do subsequent to unboxing your new drone is go on the web and have it registered. 

Yet, the question is – how can you find out if a drone is registered?

Here, in this guide, we are going to help you with that!

Please note that in this post, we also refer to the term drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation.

Ensure you register your UAV correctly with the FAA

That way will nearly guarantee that your drone is successfully registered. For your information, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides two registration ways, and they will, by and large, be recognized by how much your flying robot weighs.

1. Online registration

There is just a single site with the ability to register your robot officially, which you can find here. You can register your UAV of which weight is as heavy as 55 lbs utilizing the website choice. That tends to be what most of the drone users rely on, and so as to do it, you should have a few things ready: 

  • The producer and model of your robot 
  • Physical and postage address information (In case it is not quite the same as physical) 
  • Debit or credit card to finish the payment of five dollars
  • Your email address that will likewise be your sign-in name 

The five dollars will be per unmanned airplane vehicle, and the registration holds the validity for three years.

2. Mail-in registrations for UAV more than 55 lbs (known as the Paper N-number procedure)

When you register a robot more than 55 lbs., you should mail the documents you are asked to the Aircraft Registration Branch from the FAA. For further info about the best way to register a flying robot at 55 lbs. and more under 14 Code of Federal Regulations – Part 47, visit the Aircraft Registration website page of the FAA

Some other conditions that will ask for the utilization of the N-number registry procedure are:

  • The owner of the less sizable UAV utilizes a voting trust to cater to the United States citizenship requirements.
  • You have an airplane in trust.
  • People who desire to qualify a less sizable automation vehicle for flying outside America

Please bear in mind that flying robots more than 55 lbs is characteristic of tasks bigger than a consumer or hobbyist-level imaging activity. UAVs which are that hefty tend to be over the top costly and are designed to convey devices and gadgets for industry-explicit activities. 

If you are among those who fly in this classification, you will be acquainted with the registration procedure; yet, for people who are merely beginning, it is preferable to get comfortable with the prerequisites in case you intend to upgrade your apparatus. 

The easy way to find out if a drone is registered & be careful after you register it

In the registry procedure, you will be making your own account that includes a profile with your registry type (commercial or hobbyist), mailing/ physical info, aside from your full name. You will likewise be consenting to the Safety Regulations and Policies from the FAA that is amazingly imperative to comprehend before your drone flight.

After you have completed your registration process, you can expect the FAA to give you a one-of-a-kind ten-digit registry number.

It is worth noting that since 25th February of 2019, the FAA established changes to UAV-ID marking rule that asks owners of less sizable drones to show the unique identifier the FAA has allotted on an outer surface of the unmanned airplane. 

a registration number on a drone surface
Owners of less sizable drones have to show the unique identifier the FAA has allotted on an outer surface of the unmanned airplane. 

Keep in mind that to do so, you need to leverage a durable tape or a label maker to guarantee the registry no. will be able to be presented in the drone flying area in case any authority asks for your ID. The most probable situation for becoming apprehended is flying your robot in airspace with limited traffic circulation, or across private property. Having an idea of the rules will be significantly useful in staying away from fines. 

We additionally suggest you print your certificate affirming your drone registry as additional documentation that you can give to the authority in the field. 

We also recommend printing the certificate confirming your registration as further documentation you can present in the field. 

How to look up your UAV registry number

Easy! Follow the below steps:

Step 1. Sign in to this site from the FAA. (You have the choice to utilize the password recovery tool in case you have not remembered your password, as well.) 

Step 2. From that point, you will get taken automatically to a home screen which displays your flying robot’s registry number on the column on the left.

On the whole

Flying machines have rapidly gotten well-known, and their utilization has quickly extended all through the world. They are a famous bit of tech equipment with an assortment of employments going from farming, governmental, commercial, and recreational.

For your information, three years ago, President Donald Trump signed into law the Defense Authorization Act that enables the FAA to ask for the registry of UAVs.

The intention of the FAA to monitor UAVs and their owner is associated with 

  • Guaranteeing national security. 
  • Securing people’s privacy rights.
  • Making the public stay safe.

In view of that, be sure you register your flying robot and check out the guide above to find out if a drone is registered.

See other rules and regulations related to drones here.

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