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How to Connect Drone Camera to Your Smartphone – A Guide in Step by Step

connect drone to smart phone
Smart phone control drone with app. City street in background.

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First things first, you should figure out how to connect the drone camera to the smartphone. We did some research to present the detailed process in this guide.

Drones (also called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation) and smartphones are a perfect match made in the tech world.

But are you having a hard time figuring out how to connect drone wifi camera? You do not have to stress out over that as we did specific research, and below is, in general, the most fantastic approach to do it. 

To do so, you will necessarily connect your actual UAV to your phone, to begin with. It is something very similar truly. As soon as your robot can set up a connection with the phone, you will see that the software shows your robot’s camcorder feed automatically on to the phone. 

So how about we begin! 

  1. To begin with, download the application of your flying machine onto your cell phone. 
  2. Switch on your robot. 
  3. Connect the cell phone to the robot. Either by connecting the cell phone to the controller or through wifi
  4. Open the application to build up the connection.
  5. Enjoy viewing the camera via the mobile application. 

Above is a quick look at the way, be sure you continue reading the guide to get further specifics on the process.

How to connect drone camera to your smartphone

connecting drone to your smart phone

1. Download the UAV application on your mobile device

To begin with, download the application of the robot and install it on your cell phone. The application that you should install relies upon the sort of your robot; yet, the manual included in the model package should let you know precisely which application you need to utilize and in which you will be able to download it. 

For instance, unmanned aircraft product units from DJI utilize the brand’s GO4 application. You will have the option to download it either from the UAV maker site or the application store.

One thing to note – In case you have no idea of which application to leverage and in which you can download it, we have got you covered. Look down to the table towards the finish of this post for a rundown of flying robots and the applications that they use. 

2. Switch on your UAV

When the application is in the installing process, you may want to turn on your robot and start the startup arrangement. Again, how to do so in detail has to do with which flying machine model you are using; notwithstanding, every necessary info ought to be present for your reference in the product’s manual. 

In the event that you lost the model’s manual, you will presumably have the option to discover a post on Google or a YouTube video that will address your robot’s model. Then, check out there. 

3. Connect the application on your phone to the UAV

The following steps differ based on whether you have a UAV without or with a remote controller. Robots that do not have these controllers, by and large, connect directly to the robot by means of Bluetooth or wifi. In case you do not know, wifi connection is just capable of arriving at a couple of hundred feet; that is why these tend to be inexpensive flying robots that do not manage to fly exceptionally far away from you. 

Meanwhile, more costly flying machines have connectivity to a controller. These controllers can arrive at significantly farther when compared to wifi; they will enable you to fly your UAV for a significant distance on end. This is a fantastic model – the Mavic from DJI can remain in the air up to four miles, a lot farther as compared to any Bluetooth or wifi connection would have the option to reach. 

In case your flying robot DOES NOT come with a remote controller

At that point, connect your automation vehicle through extended Bluetooth or wifi. Doing so is just about the same as the way you connect with a standard Bluetooth or wifi gadget. Specifically:

  • Virtually visit the Bluetooth or wifi settings of the phone. 
  • From the rundown of networks, choose your UAV.
  • In the event that the connection requests a password, check out your manual. There ought to be a password shown.

Bear in mind that the connection is likely to display as unstable/ unsecured, which should not be something stressing you – that is normal, indeed. 

In case your flying robot DOES come with a remote controller

At that point, use the USB cable offered in the box to connect the controller to your cell phone. That is also referred to as a “wired connection.” Likewise, the remote controller needs to have a phone clamp which will enable the phone to hold set up with ease. 

As soon as you have finished doing so, ensure that the remote controller is turned on before proceeding onward. In case you do not know, there have been cases that UAV users would neglect to switch on the controller and cannot help thinking about the reasons that they fail to connect.

You may want to check this:

Now that you have finished doing one of the two, be ready to get your robot to set up a connection with the phone. Here is the ticket. 

4. Establish the connection

After launching the application of the UAV, adhere to the app’s prompts to build up a connection. More often than not, the application will get your robot automatically; yet, in the event that the app does not, then it would provide you with a choice to find your robot. 

As soon as your robot has set up a connection with your cell phone, you ought to receive some type of “connected” notification on the application. 

5. Enjoy viewing the camera via the mobile application

Since the connection has been set up, you ought to have the option to leverage your mobile device as a UAV controller. Else, you will have the choice to see the live feed from the UAV’s camera on to the cell phone.

For example, in case you manage to set up a connection on the GO4 application from DJI, the “GO FLY” button will show up on the “CONNECTED” tab’s right on the screen. As soon as you tap that “GO FLY” choice, the application will bring you into the robot’s camera’s 1st person live view.

What app should you connect your UAV to the phone? 

As referenced above, everything relies upon the kind of robot that you are attempting to connect. Below are a couple of the most favorable UAVs as well as the applications you should connect them with the phone.

Drone brandType of droneApplicationApp to connect drone camera to iPhoneApp to connect drone camera to Android
DJISparkGO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic 2GO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic MiniDJI FlyCheck hereCheck here
DJIMavicGO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic Pro PlatinumGO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic Pro 2GO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIPhantom 4GO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIInspire 2GO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIInspire 1GO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic AirGO 4Check hereCheck here
DJIMavic Air 2DJI FlyCheck hereCheck here
DJIMavic 2 ZoomGO 4Check hereCheck here
ParrotAnafi FPVFreeFlight 6Check hereCheck here
ParrotBebop 2FreeFlight 6Check hereCheck here
Autel roboticsEvo 1 & 2Autel Explorer ApplicationCheck hereCheck here
SkydioR1 modelSkydio R1Check hereCheck here
HubsanZino 2X-HubsanCheck hereCheck here
HubsanZino ProX-HubsanCheck hereCheck here

The top 4 most frequently asked questions

connect drone to smart phone
Smart phone control a drone

1. Q: Do all drones require a smartphone?

A: The vast majority of the flying robots available out there are intended to function alongside your connected cell phone, yet the actual controls for the robot are taken care of by the remote control instead of the application. More often than not, the application gives numerous cutting-edge highlights and attributes alongside access to significant settings; however, you have the option to fly the robot with no smart gadget connected in case you need it. 

2. Q: Would I be able to fly my UAV utilizing an old phone? 

A: Well, partially so, but also partly not. As mentioned above, the smart gadget is not really in charge of the robot’s control; that is why your picked tablet or phone can be older models. Notwithstanding, a lot of UAV applications are demanding applications, which ask for a moderately new phone to let things work. 

As you know, it is an irritation since your phone quits functioning during a drone flight, especially on the grounds that you lose access to the camera’s live view and other cutting-edge flying modes. With that being said, provided that you are operating your drone in the line of sight and have the choice to get the robot securely back with a manual route, your connected cell phone will not make a lot of difference. 

3. Q: Is it more favorable to utilize a tablet or phone to fly my UAV? 

A: Your drone flight circumstance may direct your cell phone needs. Indeed, everything relies upon the large level of a display you are looking for. More often than not, your phone is sufficient, yet in case you genuinely desire to get your shot arranged right or wish to review something in your camera, a more sizable display is pivotal. 

Regardless, we suggest not utilizing your day-by-day driver phone. Utilize an auxiliary phone so that you will not lose the phone in case something turns out badly or be occupied by approaching calls. 

4. Q: Would I be able to utilize UAV with no wifi? 

A: Totally! Yet, it is necessary for you to have a flying robot with a radio controller. That way, you will be able to fly your robot all you wish with no wifi in light of the fact that the controller makes use of radio waves. 

As you know, wifi is mainly important to connect your smartphone to your unmanned aircraft vehicle. That is fundamental for just about any autonomous flying usefulness, aside from streaming video from your flying robot for a 1st person drone flying experience and video recording. 

On the other hand, please note that a few UAVs are controlled only by means of mobile applications; thus, there needs wifi.

Also, please keep this difference in mind: At the point when you connect to your robot via wifi, it does not have anything to do with the Internet at your home and all that. You are indeed connecting legitimately to your robot’s wifi. 

You can be in no place. Internet access is not essential for flying your robot. As confounding as it sounds, it is genuinely straightforward. Consider the wifi of your robot as an approach to connect to your UAV wirelessly. Again, It does not have anything to do with the phone service or the Internet – and all!

In a nutshell

In case you are new to the drone world, the above guide should mainly give you a better grasp of how to connect a drone camera to your smartphone. There are also some more details necessary for both novices and veteran pilots to take note of. So, be sure you read through the post, and do not forget to share it with those you think may enjoy benefits from the guide.

Happy flying!

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