Holy Stone HS720 Review: How Good Is It… Really?

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With regards to the manufacturing of customer drones, you cannot go wrong with Holy Stone, known as one of the market leaders with a popularity for delivering superior quadcopters. Their HS720 expectedly provides an impressive drone flying experience for aficionados around the globe. 

As a fantastic improvement from the Holy Stone HS700, this model comes with numerous new and enhanced features which you will cherish. In this practical, honest review, we are accounting for every specification that makes the HS720 outstanding in the crowd.

Please note that in this post, we also refer to drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation).

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera
Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera
  • Quiet sound profile
  • 2K camera UAV at a reasonable price
  • Return home mode
  • Travel-friendly casing
  • Simple controls
  • FPV video streaming
  • A replacement battery is necessary
  • Long charging time
QUICK CONCLUSIONFantastic value for money flying robot: This model has improved specifications. It takes pride in stunning attributes on its less sizable frame that may possibly be a distinct advantage in the world of entry-level UAVs.

Target audience

Consider getting yourself this drone if you:

  • Are looking for a high-performance quadcopter in a reasonable price range.
  • Are in the market for a model that comes outfitted with a series of stunning highlights and uses probably the most recent innovation to enhance the flying experience for veterans and newbies alike.
  • Are seeking for a fantastic piece of innovation that will effortlessly fall inside your spending plan
  • Are searching for a satisfying UAV flying experience.

Key features

A summary of key features:

  • Camera: 2K FHD 5G 
  • Charge time: Five to seven hours
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Control range: Wifi 800 meters / Transmitter 1600 meters 
  • Flight time: 26 minutes

This Holy Stone comes with a series of smart and upgraded features to give a new lease of life in the realm of personal UAV operating. Let’s take a gander at the various specifications as well as how the automaton performs:


The time of flight on this drone is most likely going to satisfy you. The brand worked admirably of guaranteeing that you will get about minutes of playtime with the model before the battery is low, which is a large enhancement from their past UAV releases.

This is owing to the smart Lithium Polymer battery that the automaton comes with, aside from the durable brushless engine with a low consumption rate of power.

This additionally implies you will be through a peaceful/ less noisy flight with the goal that you will not turn into a disturbance to your neighbors. 

On the other hand, the battery will ask for five to seven hours of charging to the full level, which is something that we wish the brand would have improved. 

You most likely desire to have a spare battery that you can get here


This Holy Stone features a 2K FHD camera, which will allow you to shoot decent pictures and high-resolution recordings at 2048 by 1152p. 

That is not all; the lens of the camera is capable of tilting 90°, thus enabling you to admire the world from an assortment of angles.

You may additionally like the shock absorption holder that the drone’s camera is constructed with for making the camera stay stable even with vibrations.

This leads to clear and still pictures and recordings that you will be able to use for your professional undertakings.

What is more? The 5G connectivity makes for quick and fluent FPV (First Person View) transmission that will allow you to experience your general surroundings progressively. 

Plus, a UAV app guarantees that you can control the automaton from anyplace you go as well as share your recording to one simple click on the app.


The HS720 from Holy Stone features an RC (remote control) range of 5250 feet (1600 meters), which is a considerable improvement in comparison with the brand’s HS100 and HS700. 

This guarantees you will be able to capture stunning film of far off landscapes and other physical attributes with the highest possible convenience.

Further, the transmitter at 2.4GHz it uses will enable the automaton to stay at heights of up to 914 meters or 3000 feet.

When utilizing Wifi to live stream recordings on the UAV, the control range is 2624 feet (800 meters), which is still incredibly amazing by industry standards.

Fortunately, flying the automaton has been prominently simplified, which should make things a breeze even for the amateur drone pilots.

Thanks to the function of GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight, you will never lose your automaton, mainly when operating it in remote areas in which you are likely to lose it from sight. 

Also, the automaton will come back to you automatically since the signal is lost, or at whatever point the battery is coming up short. An effortless click of a button ensures that the drone will be back in a safe and sound way.

The fantastic utilization of innovation in this automaton likewise enables you to set a specific path of flight or make the flying robot tail you any place you go. 

For another plus point, the transmitter has a LED screen display along with a button at the base where you can turn the UAV off or on.

The brand has included a small light to make operating the machine in the dark not a problem what-so-ever. Also, the right-hand throttle mode enables convenient operating for left-handed persons.

Owing to a pair of AA batteries that power the drone’s controller, you will not have to charge the remote frequently. This is another convenient characteristic that you will discover in the most recent remotes from Holy Stone.


In general, this model from the well-known brand is a delight to fly! Furthermore, you can credit this to the superb job accomplished by the design persons in charge at Holy Stone. They thought about all the inadequacies and user complaints from their past product launches to make a remarkable piece of innovation. 

Albeit minute in stature, the HS720 product unit feels less lightweight than it looks. The machine has a solid frame which assists with making it stay stable in light wind conditions. The transmitter gives comfort in hand and accompanies ergonomic joysticks for controlling the automaton.

What’s more, the controls have been plainly laid out to make steering the drone simple even for beginner aficionados. This effortlessness is fortified by the function of GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight with the custom flight path mode, follow me mode, and orbit mode.

Also, the flight is responsive and far from being noisy while the camera works extraordinarily and can, without much of a stretch, be adjusted. It should be safe to say that – for a budget-friendly flying machine, Holy Stone made a brilliant product, taking into account every feature you find on the impressive HS720.

Intelligent flight modes

As with every single present-day UAV that has trend-setting innovation, the HS720 from Holy Stone comes with a couple of smart flight modes that will make it simpler to fly and furthermore simpler to take more fantastic recordings and pictures because you will not have to focus entirely on controlling the automaton. 

The flight modes include:

1. Custom Flight Path 

Draw a course on the application and the automaton will follow that way and come back to where it began from. 

2. Follow Me 

It is alright to lock the flying robot on to yourself, and it will tail you. You should be in nearness to the automaton for this mode to work. This is an extraordinary way of recording yourself in the event that you are going a climb or riding your bike. 

3. Orbit Mode

Here, you can lock the automaton on one point of interest, and then, it will orbit such a position from a distance and height that you set on the application. This is indeed a great approach to take hands-free selfies as you are on vacation. 

4. One-Key Return Home

A genuinely cool security attribute that most UAVs currently feature. In this mode, you will be able to bring back the automaton to where it flew from by clicking a single button. 

This is a valuable element, particularly in case you think that you are losing control of the automaton. Likewise, this attribute will become activated automatically as your battery runs out or since you lose connection with the robot; that is why the danger of losing your automaton during flight is limited.

What is in the box?

What you will get with the UAV and controller is a charging station, USB cable, extra parts, apart from a smart carry case as a bonus. Excluded are a USB wall charger and two AA batteries for the device’s controller.

This Holy Stone model has an exceptionally strong construction, yet that inevitably pushes the weight up to almost half a kilogram, without the battery inserted. With that being said, the compactness of the robot when you collapse it will not disappoint you, so it is exceptionally simple to fit in your rucksack.

As mentioned above, the engines are brushless, which helps with diminished noise, more extended time of flight as well as a better power output. The absence of propeller guards calls for additional consideration when you are flying inside or around impediments. 

Likewise, in the package are a full set of extra propellers with a coordinating screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: Would you be able to trim the drone?

A: There is not a separate propeller trimming enabled.

2. Q: Is there any emergency stop?

A: Yeah! Just press the key close to the left joystick for three seconds. 

3. Q: Does the Holy Stone HS720 have video stabilization?

A: As addressed above, the device’s camera holder has shock absorption integrated.

4. Q: Would you be able to adjust the camera angle when flying?

A: A button is available on the rear of the remote for changing the camera angle.

5. Q: Is there a product warranty?

A: The brand processes warranty returns for product units purchased by means of Amazon right on their site. 

6. Q: Where can you purchase the HS720?

A: You can buy the HS720 drone from Holy Stone on Amazon.

The bottom line

Regardless of whether you are another entrant into the UAV operating scene or an ardent fan looking for a superior UAV flying experience, this Holy Stone model should provide you with the time you are seeking after. 

It is anything but difficult to fly and has a couple of fantastic features that you will even find it is hard to see in more expensive quadcopters.

Best of all, you will not need to break the bank when getting this brilliant consumer UAV.

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