Unlocking the World of Geneinno Drones: An Exploratory Guide

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Are you ready to discover a whole new world beneath the surface of the water? Underwater drones, also known as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), are the latest trend in marine cinematography, exploring, and surveying. These mini-submarines offer an entirely new perspective of the underwater world that was once impossible to reach. 

With a Geneinno drone, you can capture stunning high-quality footage that will make you feel like an ocean explorer. But why stop there? You can also use these drones to check on your boat and improve your fishing game. Join the underwater drone revolution and explore the depths of the ocean like never before.

About Geneinno

Geneinno is one of the most recognized brands in the diving and snorkeling equipment industry. It offers a wide range of products, including drones, snorkeling packages, underwater cameras, and portable FRS (Fire and Rescue Services) two-way radios, all aimed at meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

Most of the Geneinno products are manufactured by JV, Geneinno Technology Co., LTD. The close relationship ensures a consistent supply of products, and the quality of the products is also ensured. This results in Geneinno having a good reputation in the market.

The brand has an overall score of 3.9 out of 5 stars. This score is based on a combination of factors, which includes customer ratings, brand popularity, price competitiveness, and the breadth and quality of features offered to customers. From this score, potential customers can gain an idea of the overall quality of Geneinno’s products and how they compare to other brands.

Introduction to Geneinno drone products

Geneinno T1 Underwater Drone

The Geneinno T1 diving drone is an incredibly versatile and feature-packed device, ideal for underwater exploration and photography. Here are some of the standout features that make it worth considering:

Geneinno T1, world's first underwater drone equipped with robotic arm.

1. Deepest Underwater Drone

The Geneinno T1 is one of the deepest underwater drones available, designed to operate at depths of up to 492 feet or 150 meters. With its adjustable tether length of 100m or 150m, it can explore the ocean’s darkest depths while keeping a stable connection to your boat.

2. 4K UHD Camera

With its 4K UHD camera and 160-degree field of view, this model can capture stunning, precise, and crystal-clear videos and images of marine life, the ocean floor, and all its beauty.

3. 3000LM LED Lights

The diving drone comes equipped with two front 1500LM LED lights. This allows you to see more clearly in murky waters while exploring the ocean depths, even in the darkest environment.

4. Motion and Hover

This drone has six powerful thrusters to help it handle rugged currents up to 6.6 feet per second. And its self-balancing system can let it automatically hover, making it easy to use and control underwater. The model can also move around seamlessly, which maximizes its agility and responsiveness to your commands.

5. Impressive Battery Life

With a 9000mAh lithium battery that lasts up to four hours, the Geneinno T1 is perfect for lengthy exploration and recording sessions without any hassles.

6. Ergonomic Controller

To set up the drone and control it, the diving drone comes with a Bluetooth-connected handheld controller. The drone pilots can even use their iOS or Android devices via the App to control the drone.

7. Design and Durability

This rugged and waterproof drone is built with high-quality military-grade materials and is designed to withstand pressures of up to 1.5mpa. Plus, it comes in a hard-shell suitcase that’s easy to carry, ensuring safety and convenience.

8. Robotic Arm

The Geneinno T1’s most prominent feature is its robotic arm. The device’s latest add-on to the platform now grips objects securely with a 2.36-inch gripping diameter and a gripping force of up to 13.2 lbs. This add-on element distinguishes the Geneinno T1 from similar underwater drones and adds an unparalleled level of usefulness and maneuverability underwater.

9. Extra Features

This model has multiple extra features such as underwater microphones, sonar compatibility, and much more, which help to increase its functionality, extendibility, and accessibility even further.

Takeaway: The Geneinno T1 is slightly heavier than other underwater drones, but it is packed with features that make it worth your investment. Its combination of power, flexibility, and advanced features results in a first-class underwater diving experience that can capture unforgettable moments and explore the depths that humans cannot reach.


  • High-quality footage is captured using a 4K UHD camera.
  • It has a long battery life, which enables you to use it for extended periods.
  • Dual LED lights emit a significant amount of light.


  • It is comparably heavy and might not be as easily portable as some other models.

Geneinno S1 Underwater Scooter for Modern Adventure Seekers

Are you an adventure seeker looking for a portable and stylish underwater scooter to explore the depths of the ocean? Then, consider the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter.  

Geneinno S1: the most popular companion when diving or swimming

1. Unique Design

The Geneinno S1 is a stylish and lightweight device, weighing only 7.7 lbs. Its compact size and risk-free battery make it easy to carry and travel with, while its integrated design resembling an aircraft ensures that it stands out as a modern and eye-catching device.

2. Powerful Motor

With its mighty and robust dual motor, this model can support a thrust of up to 26.5 lbs and cruise at 4 miles per hour in the depths of the ocean. The superior speed and style make it a top pick among underwater adventure enthusiasts.

3. Deep Diving

Unlike most dive scooters, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter surpasses expectations taking swimmers and divers to greater depths of up to 164 feet with a speed of up to 4 miles per hour. This should help enhance the underwater adventure experience.

4. Variable Velocity Control

This underwater scooter offers two variable speeds, switched between 2.4 miles per hour and 4 miles per hour with ease using just one button.

5. Positive Buoyancy

One of the best things about the Geneinno S1 is its positive buoyancy. This feature makes it fast and easy to reach the ocean’s surface if the battery runs out of charge.

Geneinno S1

6. Rust-Free Motor

The product unit has a long-lasting, anti-rust motor that is highly reliable and does not corrode in saltwater.

7. Battery Power

With a battery that runs for about 45 minutes, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is as safe as it can be and can be carried on an airplane. Moreover, it takes only 90 minutes to charge a battery, but it’s always wise to carry a spare.

8. Support for GoPro Cameras

Capture and bring back memories and footage of your unique and unforgettable underwater experience with your GoPro camera. The Geneinno S1 has support for this camera type.

9. Low Price Compared to Characteristics

This scooter provides durability, sleek design, high buoyancy, the highest acceleration, and the deepest dive, all at a meager price compared to other products that are less powerful and speedy.

10. Warranty

The brand provides a one-year warranty for its products and parts, including the Trident S1.

11. Smart App

It can be controlled and monitored through its Smart App, allowing you to monitor distance, depth, velocity, and battery charging.

12. Packaging – You Get What You Need

In the packaging, you receive a battery, charger, usage instructions, and warranty documents.

13. Troubleshooting

If your device is experiencing any issues, the Geneinno S1 user manual can guide you through some common problems and their solutions. These include propeller blockages, abnormal operations, or failure to turn on, – you’ll be enjoying your underwater adventure once again in no time!

Takeaway: The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is a durable and stylish underwater scooter that is sure to provide a unique and exciting underwater adventure that stands out from the rest.


  • Affordable price for the impressive specifications
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to carry
  • The powerful thrust allows for speedy underwater adventure


  • Short battery life of only 45 minutes, which may be insufficient for longer underwater exploration periods.

Upgraded Geneinno Trident S2 

Do you want to explore the underwater world without worrying about injury? Look no further than the Geneinno S2. This underwater drone is a significant upgrade from its previous version, offering a faster, lighter, and more portable experience at a lower price.

Geneinno S2, the most portable sea scooter monitored by smart APP

1. Compact and Versatile

The Geninne Trident S2 is one of the most versatile and compact underwater drones available. With a maximum depth of 30 meters and a maximum operating depth of 15 meters, it is designed to be both compact and versatile. In addition, it offers stability, advanced sonar, and a 60-minute battery life.

2. Features and Performance

The Geneinno S2 underwater drone is powered by two 350W DC brushless motors, providing a powerful 35 HP thrust that offers 2.7 mph speed. It is also equipped with a compact footprint. This makes it as small as a laptop, but not as thin. The device is super portable and can easily be carried in a backpack when weighing only 2.7kg.

3. Unique and Advanced Features

The futuristic Geneinno S2 underwater scooter has many unique features that you will appreciate. One of the most significant factors is its anti-rust motor. The motor is lined with a waterproof seal and cooling system that prolongs its life in salt or freshwater for up to 1,000 hours.

4. Diving Quality

Another important aspect is diving quality. With a maximum dive depth of 30 meters, this underwater scooter offers up to 45 minutes of diving time. Positive buoyancy makes the device easy to monitor and control depth, ensuring you don’t lose direction in the ocean.

5. Flight Safe and User-Friendly

The Geneinno S2 scooter’s 97Wh battery is flight-safe, meaning it is permitted on airplanes. It is also user-friendly, with a smart app that enables you to monitor speed, depth, distance covered, and the scooter’s battery level. Besides, the app has a parental mode that lets adults control the device remotely, which makes it suitable for swimmers of all ages.

6. GoPro Compatibility

Furthermore, the S2 underwater scooter seamlessly integrates with GoPro cameras, allowing you to record your underwater expeditions. You can attach a light to illuminate the underwater world in place of a camera.

Takeaway: The Geneinno S2 scooter’s many advanced features and options make it an excellent investment suitable for underwater exploration, amusement parks, aquariums, and swimming pools. With its powerful dual motor 35 HP thrust and smart app, this lightweight, easily transportable device is one that you can depend on.


  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty for added protection and peace of mind.
  • Features an anti-rust coating that ensures a longer lifespan for the product.
  • Fast-charging batteries for speedy and convenient charging.
  • Ergonomic button placement for an improved user experience.
  • User-friendly and easy to operate.


  • Limited color options as there is only one color available.
  • Shipping and delivery times can be prolonged, resulting in a longer wait for the product.

Two Alternatives to the Geneinno Drones

If you’re in the market for an underwater drone but want alternatives to the Geneinno drone, there are other options for you. 

1. Nemo Underwater Drone With 4K UHD Camera

The Nemo underwater drone is a reliable option that can handle smaller bodies of water such as lakes and pools. It’s not as sturdy as the Geneinno Titan T1, but it can still handle the ocean on calm days. The following features make the Nemo underwater drone an excellent alternative to the Geneinno drone:

Diving Depth: The product unit can dive deep to 328 feet or 100 meters, which is perfect for filming, fishing, and scuba diving purposes. Compared to the Geneinno Titan, the Nemo has a lesser altitude.

Good Camera Resolution Features: This model features an ultra-stable VR view and a UHD 4K 30FPS camera. It offers fantastic video and image quality, which gives you a clear picture of the underwater aquatic life. The VR goggles give an immersive real-time view.

LED Lights: The Nemo underwater drone has 8 LED fill light rigs that add up to 1000 lumens. This power is perfect for the depths that it conquers compared to the 3000LM lights of the Geneinno Titan T1.

QAS Balance System: The patented QAS balance system enables stable underwater exploration and video footage. This underwater drone is reliable, especially when used from a boat, thanks to the balance system.

Battery Life: The product unit has a run time of 3 hours with a single 1.5 hours of battery charge. The brand recommends that you carry backup battery cells to enjoy longer dives.

Controller: This Nemo drone connects to a Wi-fi controller via a special cable or harness. The app is easy to use and enables a real-time view from the drone, and you can easily install and manage it from your smartphone or tablet.

Design and Durability: The model has a waterproof body that resists corrosion, That’s why it’s great for saltwater and fresh exploration. This product comes packed in a backpack that makes transportation of the equipment easy.

Takeaway: The Nemo underwater drone is a well-priced ROV that ticks all the boxes related to underwater drones. It’s a great option for those who are into scuba diving, fishing, and filming underwater.

2. Youcan Robot Underwater Drone

The Youcan Robot drone is perfect for drone enthusiasts, marine scientists, and enthusiast photographers. Scuba divers and fishing experts find this underwater drone useful for conquering deep diving depths. The following features make the Youcan Robot underwater drone a great alternative to the Geneinno drone:

Youcan Robot Underwater Drone

Diving Depth: The drone can descend to 100m or 330 feet, unlike the Geneinno T1. However, it’s equipped with auto features like autopiloting modes, auto direction control, etc., making it efficient in its functionality.

Camera Resolution Features: The Youcan Robot underwater drone features a 1/1.8″ sensor and an F1.4 aperture lens, which captures high-definition sound-quality pictures and video footage. As it has an optimum motion range of ±45°, this model can shoot more footage from convenient and flexible angles.

Impressive Battery Life: The 9600mAh high-density lithium battery has a large size and can operate for up to 5 hours! This battery capacity is 45% greater than other products of the same cost range.

Controller: The Youcan BW Space ROV’s controller is easy to use, and the camera module uses a communication cable to attach the controller. The blade is Wi-Fi enabled, making it simple to hook up to a reliable smartphone or tablet.

Design and Durability: The Youcan Robot drone has a friendly design with the handle, making it easy to carry. Its build material is seawater and corrosion-resistant. That’s why it’s ideal for saltwater applications. The digital defogging and image stabilizer features contribute to its durability.

Smart Auto-Follow Mode: The Youcan BW Space ROV uses recognition technology to film a person underwater within a range of 0.5 to 5 meters apart. It also has an auto light-adjusting feature that lights up the external environment while it shoots the water’s depths.

Takeaway: The Youcan Robot Underwater Drone is perfect for amateurs and beginners at using underwater drones from a boat. It’s best suited for hobby enthusiasts and professionals who use the gadget regularly. If you’re searching for a less expensive yet functional underwater drone, this is a good option.

Also, check out other products: the CHASING Dory Underwater Drone.

Related Questions

1. Is the Geneinno S2 fast?

It has two-speed modes. Its high-speed mode enables it to travel at 2.7 mph, while the low-speed mode allows it to travel at 2 mph. 

2. How long does it take to charge the Geneinno S2?

The S2’s battery requires 90 minutes to two hours to reach full charge.

3. What is the maximum depth for an underwater drone?

Drones for sale in stores can go down from 49 feet (14 meters) to 492 feet (150 meters). However, specialized underwater ROVs like the SuBastian, can go as deep as 1371 feet (4,500 meters).

4. Does the U.S. have an underwater drone?

The U.S. Navy’s fleet of nuclear attack submarines has a new version of the Navy’s unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), the Razorback. It can be launched and retrieved through torpedo tubes and can be utilized by any submarine in the fleet.

5. What to consider when choosing the best underwater ROV

When choosing an underwater ROV, consider the following essential factors:

Camera Quality

Look for a drone with a 4K ultra-HD video quality or 1080p live streaming, and built-in LED lights that illuminate the external surroundings.

Battery Life

Choose a drone with the longest battery life if underwater tasks require extended hours to finish. This will ensure the drone lasts for the required duration without any battery replacements.


Underwater drones for recreational purposes come at around $1000-$3000 nowadays. More professional drones with 4K camera quality and extended battery life are likely to cost more than $3000.

Extended Addons & Features

Choose an underwater drone with essential features that enhance its functionality, such as high-quality photography and videography, and accessories like robotic arms.

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