Hands On: EACHINE E58 Drone Review

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Drones are prevalent these days, and they have gotten fundamentally more abundant in features. 

While top-of-the-line models such as the Mavic Pro from the market leader DJI are able to do a wide range of aerobatics as well as videography, not every person can manage the cost of it. That is why there is a vast and developing business sector for more affordable drones that are as yet amusing to fly and give vast numbers of the highlights of their better-quality cousins. One such item is the E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter from EACHINE

It is fundamentally a less sizable version of the legendary DJI Mavic Pro, but it is still stacked with attributes while being essentially more reasonably priced. How about we look at it? Let’s dive into the review below!

One thing to note, we also refer to drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation.

EACHINE E58 Pros & Cons

EACHINE E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with 120° FOV 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone
  • FPV support and WiFi connection
  • Foldable automaton
  • Great attributes and modes
  • Useful for experienced and novice users
  • GPS connection
  • 720p camera
  • Fails to adjust angle mid-flight
  • Hard to fly in the wind
  • The quality of the camera could be better
QUICK CONCLUSIONThis EACHINE E58 has the video support of 720p at max with FPV and GPS assistance. It is capable of lasting nine minutes and flying up to 100 meters, with a lot more modes.

Target audience

The model should be suitable for:

  • Newbies
  • The more experienced drone flyers too
  • Those looking for a UAV with a reasonable cost and excellent video quality
  • Those searching for a model with different modes with exact GPS positioning, for example, the “Follow Me” mode that is helpful as the automaton will tail you any place you go.

Key features

1. The EACHINE E58: A quick look

The EACHINE E58 is an effective automaton by the famous brand EACHINE. EACHINE is a genuinely enormous maker in the UAV market with some widely-known product units.

Here, in this article, we will review the E58 quadcopter known as an incredible medium-end foldable automaton. It delivers 720p video quality with a FOV lens at 120º. The machine likewise features a WiFi connection that will give you quicker yet much clear picture transmission. 

Similar to most automatons, the E58 unit is a quadcopter flying machine with four propellers with protection. Its camera is mounted on the robot; a drawback to this UAV is that the camera does not have a three-axis gimbal for image and video stabilization. With that being said, it does come with a six-axis gyroscope cum altitude hold for diminishing any distortion.

The controller is likewise excellent as it is agreeable and simple to use with the double handles. You may like that over the product’s controller, you can place your cell phone of all sizes. If it comes up short on power, you simply need to charge it using the useful charging cable. 

Additionally, the model is perfect with FPV (First Person View) flying robots for live transmission, aside from having GPS.

2. The specifications

The product makes the best use of a 720p camera with WiFi, GPS, and FPV connection. Its R/C distance is from 80 to 100 100 meters. The flying machine likewise has three ground-breaking 500 mAH batteries. 

The camera comes with a FOV customizable angle lens at up to 120 degrees, providing you with a pleasant look at your recordings. As it utilizes WiFi transmission, for the top-notch ongoing picture transmission, you can effortlessly share the staggering landscape to your web-based social networking. 

This EACHINE likewise has numerous modes, say, the “draw a route” or “follow me” mode. It additionally comes with an upgraded return option; this choice will make the automaton fly up a couple of meters and back to you. There is also the Gesture control mode, and the sky is the limit from there. 

On top of that, the model can fold; thus, it is simpler to carry. The product package additionally has UAV protection guards, which can ensure property and people’s safety and additional propellers in the event that the ones you have become harmed and should be replaced.

There are rechargeable 500 mAh batteries, and the machine enables you to fly as long as nine minutes since they are charged.

As a plus, any novice has the option to fly under control and have plenty of fun outside and record every one of your experiences to the smartphone, which is perfect with 5G cell phones and to the application, which lets you control the UAV.

3. Control

As mentioned above, this model from EACHINE has a six-axis gyroscope adjustment, which can provide you with an enhanced stable flight, and it will be simpler to control the automaton. While it is not extraordinary, it works appropriately well.

In case you need your flight and video to be more steady, you should fly the drone slower and avoid operating it in conditions with strong winds. 

The controller of the automaton is agreeable and pleasantly made. It comes with phone support for every size of the phone. The machine’s controller features two joysticks for controlling the robot and buttons for controlling the modes, for example, the one-key landing and take-off.

4. Battery

As you know, the E58 product unit has rechargeable 500mAh batteries that are easy to charge using the USB Battery Charger; it can last around nine minutes recording at 720p. 

The battery is arranged at the base back inside, where a cover is accessible for access to the battery. As there are three batteries, you can change them at whatever point one of them runs out. When one battery runs out, just put it charge immediately. 

5. Design

The flying robot has an exceptionally interesting design art, with the cameo shading. It is nicely constructed with excellent quality plastics. The design shape of the machine is like most automatons, for example, the EACHINE E520 drone; it feels quite sturdy, and it is not hard to take the place of and switch pieces, for instance, the propellers and protectors. This E58 is capable of flying 100 meters at max with a video connection.

The model’s dimensions are 7.09 inches x 6.3 inches x 3.15 inches, and 16 ounces are its weight, which makes it a decent-sized UAV. Every control and adjustment will be made using the product’s controller as well as the screen with the live video. Likewise, it has a cell phone attachment, allowing it to operate in FPV. 

The automaton has a classic quadcopter appearance without or with defensive propeller blades; you can pick what you like. Seeing under the body, you can notice the little arrival legs and the 720p camera for recording your videos.


This EACHINE product unit has numerous helpful modes. 

1. Tap Fly, Follow Me, and Return Home

At the point when the battery gets low, the sign is lost, or you prefer recovering it not to lose your automaton. You can make the most of your flight utilizing the “Tap Fly” or “Follow Me” mode on the app’s control page.

You can utilize the application for setting up the circle around one object as well as planning the expected course to concentrate on capturing photographs and recordings and having a great time outside. 

What is more? The flying machine comes with a Return Home choice that is a smart flight attribute to enable your automaton to land securely. The EACHINE indeed supports three Return-to-Home (RTH) modes. Failsafe, Low Battery, and One Key. You no longer have to stress over losing your automaton. 

Even better, You can set the robot’s flight distance, plan the safe area for the flight. The automaton distinguishes geographic areas via the GPS systems, flight, automatic land, or return in zones with electronic fences. 

3. Point of Interest

Point of Interest or Circle Fly mode will enable the UAV to keep up its reasonable preset distance from an object and orbiting it automatically at the same time. 

4. Headless mode

It allows you to fly regardless of what course the UAV is confronting; the forward stick means forward, and for the back stick, it means backward.

5. Speed control

The model likewise permits you to change between various flying speeds, low and high, which assists novices with flying more slowly, to begin with.

6. Altitude Hold mode 

One key set high, and you will be able to precisely lock the location and height and ensure a stable hover. This is overall extremely helpful to shoot from different angles.

7. VR mode 

Place your smartphone in the VR glasses (not inclusive), which will deliver an astounding visual fidelity as well as exceptional 3D experience. You can appreciate FPV ongoing live video straightly with it.

What is in the box?

  • A Manual
  • A Screwdriver
  • Extra propellers and propeller protection
  • A Remote Control
  • A USB Charging Cable
  • 3.7V 500mAh Lipo Batteries (Put in the UAV)
  • The E58 drone

The best alternative drones for EACHINE E58

Below you can check the best alternatives for EACHINE E58; some even have advantage edges over this model:

1. HUBSAN Zino Pro 4K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal 5G FPV Live Video with UHD Camera RC Quadcopter – by HUBSAN

HUBSAN Zino Pro 4K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal 5G FPV Live Video with UHD Camera RC Quadcopter - one of the alternative for EACHINE E58
HUBSAN Zino Pro 4K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal 5G FPV Live Video with UHD Camera RC Quadcopter – one of the alternative for EACHINE E58

Technical specifications

  • Obstacle detection: None
  • Flight time: 23 minutes
  • Weight: 1.57 pounds
  • Camera: 4K
  • lots of spare parts available
  • super smooth gimbal
  • return to home feature
  • foldable design
  • flight functions such as waypoints and follow me
  • 4k camera
  • three-axis gimbal
  • a budget-friendly choice and the best cheaper alternative to higher-end drones
  • no low battery warning on the drone’s controller
  • no position hold sensors or obstacle avoidance
  • no position hold sensors or obstacle avoidance
QUICK CONCLUSIONWhile it is not as filled with features as a couple of the drones from DJI, this Hubsan Zino is a fantastic model for the price, and we certainly suggest you buy it in case you are searching for an affordable 4k drone.
The model from Hubsan is definitely among the top camera drones at a budget in the market these days.

Read the full review for Hubsan Zino Pro here.

2. SNAPTAIN A15H Foldable FPV WiFi Drone – by SNAPTAIN

SNAPTAIN A15H Foldable FPV WiFi Drone – another alternative model for EACHINE E58

Technical specifications

  • Obstacle detection: None
  • Flight time: up to nine minutes
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Camera: 720p
  • FPV (First Person View) support and WiFi connection
  • Good price
  • Fantastic for experienced users aside from beginners
  • GPS Connection
  • 720p adjustable lens camera
  • Not at its best in conditions with strong winds
  • Flight time is not long
  • Could have stabilization
  • The quality of the camera could be more fantastic
  • Does not have HD or 4K recording
Quick ConclusionAt an affordable price, the model still works to deliver video support as much as 720p with FPV and GPS support. It can stay airborne for nine minutes and fly up to 90 meters, with a lot more modes.

Read the full review of Snaptain A15H here.

All in all

This E58 UAV from EACHINE is an incredible choice for the vast majority of people who are searching for a decent quality automaton at a reasonable price. It is indeed one of the best bets for novices and more experienced drone flyers who need to upgrade to a better flying robot. 

The product unit has all essential automaton highlights, such as great flight, video support, and battery. It likewise features brushless engines to reduce noise.

The learning curve when it comes to this model is quite simple. And thanks to the incredible highlights of the EACHINE E58, you will get all of the fantastic aeronautical shots you would need in an automaton. Three batteries accessible, which will provide you with a lot of time to record the videos.

Plus, the 720p camera is arranged on the automaton’s front. And with the help of the LED lights from the front, you will be able to see where the UAV is flying and operating the robot will be more unaffected at evening time or low-light conditions. You can likewise see LEDs in the base, which demonstrates the calibration.

Last but not least, in case you are searching for an FPV flying machine, this one will function admirably also. It supports FPV and can go up to 100 meters and return quickly with one handy button. The E58 has gained a ton of positive feedback by numerous users, and we suggest getting it if you are in the market for a decent automaton.

We do hope this review is helpful to you, and you have a great time flying.

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