Top 6 Best Drones With Camera for Kids

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Have your children ever dreamt to become a pilot? Or do you need an outdoor entertainment tool for your kids? Or maybe, something which helps them in world explosion?

Then, a drone could be a perfect gift for your children.

Of course, for your kids using their drone as a toy, you might expect it to be affordable, small, camera-equipped and easily controlled. Therefore, we have come up with a list of 6 best drones for kids with HD camera; most of them properly meet the requirements mentioned above. We believe you can share best family moments with one of these flying devices.

Drones with cameras are great toys for kids.
Drones with cameras are great toys for kids. 

Summary: Best Drones With Camera for Kids – If You Are Busy

  1. Potensic D20 Mini Drone with Camera – Check Price
  2. ATOYX Mini RC Helicopter Drone – Check Price
  3. ATOYX AT-96 FPV Drone – Check Price
  4. HAOXIN F21G Dance Drone – Check Price
  5. Supkiir 14 S9M Mini, Portable Drone – Check Price
  6. SIMREX X300C Mini Drone – Check Price

1. Potensic D20 Mini Drone with Camera

Potensic D20 Mini Drone with Camera
Potensic D20 Mini Drone with Camera for kids

This drone looks pretty cool in design and your kid will get excited when flying it. As previous Hotbird drone, this mini Potensic D20 is also operated by one-key control for lifting and landing.

However, the positive plus for this item is that it is equipped with headless mode which helps beginners with orientation; your kids do not need to get frustrated because this drone never goes into the wrong direction. This orientation trait is designed specifically for flying at far distance; indeed, this drone can go as far as 20-30 meters away.

For Potensic D20 mini drone, you can also customize the flying route by drawing it on your smart phone screen connected with the device.

Like other mini drones, the only small minus of this item is its limited flying time: around 5 – 8 minutes; however, it is still quite a stable drone for your children to take good pictures and video.

2. ATOYX Mini RC Helicopter Drone

ATOYX Mini RC Helicopter Drone for kids
ATOYX Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Well, we could say ATOYX Mini RC Helicopter is a standard drone, suitable for training young pilots as your children. It has all the functions you need: from altitude hold to stabilization, headless mode for orientation… to 3D flip. You will be surprised by how fast this product helps your children to get used to a drone.

The producer equipped this drone with three control methods: phone direct mode with transmission and transmitter control with joystick T or built-in gravity sensor. You might not use all three modes but it’s still funny and convenient to switch over sometimes.

Exceptionally, this drone can fly an extraordinary far distance compared to other mini items, up to 50 meters away. However, you should be careful not to get it lost. RC Helicopter has its 120o wide angle HD camera which allows you to record a vast scenery in your picture. As a young photographer, your child may enjoy this product very much.

3. ATOYX AT-96 FPV Drone

ATOYX AT-96 FPV Drone - Mini Drone for Kids with FPV HD Camera
ATOYX AT-96 FPV Drone – Mini Drone for Kids with FPV HD Camera

This is another basic drone for children and beginner from well-known producer ATOYX. As its brother – Mini RC Helicopter, it also has full functions of a decent drone: gravity sensor, altitude hold, headless mode and 3D flip. As other mini drone of the same brand, AT-96 could fly at far distance and capture wide angle view (120o). This drone is recommended for children from 12 years old to fully comprehend its functions.

The highlight of this product is its durable materials and structure. Its manufacturer also gives you 18 months warranty and superb customer service which will please any difficult buyer.

You can also get two rechargeable batteries or buy the extra ones online easily through their website. We recommend you should wait for your drone to cool down after use before recharging its battery to avoid overheating.

4. HAOXIN F21G Dance Drone

HAOXIN F21G Dance Drone Route Planning Mode VR for Kids & Beginners
HAOXIN F21G Dance Drone – Route Planning Mode VR for Kids & Beginners

HAOXIN Drone Quadcopter is an affordable toy for your kids to start their pilot journey. It is simple but vigorously designed with strong frame to protect rotating blades. You even get a spare set of propellers along with this product for replacing if any is broken, such a thoughtful producer!

Like Hotbird – the first drone we introduced above, Haoxin also takes the pictures, video and does fall-back operation by your hand signals, which is called Gestures Modes.

In addition, you could plan the flying trajectory on the screen with this Haoxin and the drone will follow it exactly; its moniker – Dance Drone actually comes from this stunning function.

VR Split Screen of this product is also quite epic; you can watch the real 3D scenery by matching its camera with your VR glasses. Every of its multi-functions are explained in the attached manual instruction with is fair easy for your kid to learn by themselves.

5. Supkiir 14 S9M Mini, Portable Drone

Supkiir 14 S9M Mini, Portable Drone - Mini RC Quadcopter for kids, beginners, and adult
Supkiir 14 S9M Mini, Portable Drone – Mini RC Quadcopter for kids, beginners, and adult

This foldable drone is a perfect pocket-sized toy for your children to bring along. It is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor use so your kids would enjoy bringing it with them everywhere. 

Certainly, things like emergency landing, Altitude Hold or 3D Flip are available with this tiny drone to make sure that it could be easier for your children to play with.

We specially like the noble and convenient design of this item. It looks like a small but cool bug, just as tiny as your hand palm, which makes you think of it as a spy drone.

In fact, it could be a disadvantage when using this drone in a windy day because of this size. However, it is absolutely suitable for kids to play with indoor.

6. SIMREX X300C Mini Drone

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone drone for kids
SIMREX X300C Mini Drone

This is also a tiny foldable drone for your children. We recommend SIMREX X300 for its sturdy flight in normal wind. In fact, although it looks a bit “nerd” when compared with above Supkiir Mini Drone, this Simrex X300C is indeed more durable. Of course, you still couldn’t expect to flight this pocket mini gadget in a stormy day.

One more highlight for this item is the appropriate App used for your tablet or handphone. It is clear and comprehensive for children to learn flying the drone.

The whole set also includes spare propellers and protection frame. Frankly speaking, if you do not really have too high expectations for a kid’s drone, then SIMREX X300C Mini Drone is properly a good choice.

If you care about nurturing your children with curiosity by adventurous journeys, just spend your time with them out there and do not forget to bring along their favorite drones. We already picked out the best items with camera for you to record valuable moments of their childhood. According to your needs and budget, we believe that you will find a suitable birthday gift for your child from our list above.

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