Drones Accidents: All That May Go Wrong

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Regardless of whether positive or negative, everybody appears to hold an opinion about drones (also called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation). Few innovative advancements are as fervently discussed as UAVs are at the present time. 

On the one hand, the definition for what comprises a flying robot differs; on the other hand, the vast majority concur that a UAV is a remotely steered, automated airplane. The difference, for the most part, has to do with what purpose the drone serves: military or commercial. 

When it comes to military utilization, complaints are genuinely self-evident; individuals have “drone strikes” related concerns or the possibility that an unmanned aircraft vehicle may move rapidly downwards through the air in on a target & harm it, particularly in case the target is a human being. In terms of commercial drones, however, there are more varying contentions.

Business & consumer UAV use has raised privacy worries because numerous product units come with attachable cameras. There are also concerns about regulatory problems and the novice pilots’ expertise level. With that being said, these flying machines have done a lot of good deeds for the planet also, for example, product delivery and recovery in a disaster.

Yet, things may go amiss. Below are some drone accidents adding to public watchfulness. 

Drones accidents

can drone cause accidents in the airport?

1. UAV crashed close to the White House 

On Jan 26th, 2015, a UAV crash happened on the lawn of American’s most famous home, the White House. It surely imposes its own particular flight restrictions; however, detecting the flying robot was not simple. Right following the incident, there was a lockdown in the White House. The American attorney chose not to charge the UAV pilot, after deciding he had no power to make the important decisions about the way the flying robot operated at the accident time. 

2. The flying machine crashed on a German Chancellor 

When a Christian Democratic Party campaign was taking place in Sep seven years ago, an AR UAV from Parrot crashed into the stage almost at the feet of Angela Merkel known as the German Chancellor. As a government surveillance protest, that aircraft was under the control of a Pirate Party member. While it did not harm anybody, there were rising worries after that situation over comparative experiences with weaponized UAVs. 

3. Drone chipped off photographer’s nose tip

What began as a holiday promotion wrapped up horribly when a flying robot collided with the Brooklyn Daily picture taker Benvenuto’s face, which consequently cut off her nose’s tip & chin. The robot was indeed what TGI Fridays promoted; it brought mistletoe over diners encouraging them to kiss. 

4. An Aussie athlete underwent an unforgettable injury due to a UAV

At Australia’s Geraldton Triathlon, people utilized a flying machine for taking pictures of contenders when it collided with athlete Raija Ogden, resulting in a small head wound that asked for stitches to close. Warren Abrams, the robot pilot, photographic artist, reported that the UAV came into collision after somebody in the crowd took control of it from him. 

5. Flying robot harmed some people in Virginia bull run crowd 

In the beautiful fall eight years ago, spectators were together at the US’s Virginia Motorsports Park to enjoy the festival Great Bull Run packing live music, the tomato fight, drinking, & the bull run just about the same as Spain’s Running of the Bulls event. During the celebration, a flying robot being utilized for video recording collided with the stands, making a few bystanders injured

6. UAV flew excessively near a news helicopter

A significant worry regarding consumer UAV use is the possibility that pilots operate these flying robots into busy and active airspace. 

One news helicopter in the state of Washington was dealing with fire when the helicopter operator saw an unmanned aircraft vehicle flying dangerously close. Fortunately, nothing occurred in that specific occurrence, yet according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), it gets many reports per month of UAVs flying excessively near manned airplanes. As you know, recreational UAV flights should be maintained below four-hundred feet. 

7. Drone almost collided with the narrow-body airliner Airbus A320 

An automation machine barely missed crashing into an Airbus A320 in July seven years ago since it was about to take off from Heathrow airport (London). The airplane was at around seven-hundred feet when that happened and reportedly, the incident was ‘top rated’ as a danger of crash by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

drone accidents: nearly collides with airbus airplane

8. Unmanned aircraft caught transporting drugs close to the border

On Jan 20th, 2015, there was a crashing of a flying robot transporting methamphetamine in Mexico close to America’s border. The UAV was carrying in excess of five lbs of crystal meth at the time it moved with speed in a supermarket parking lot in Tijuana (Mexico). 

9. UAV flew over Bank of America Stadium 

An unmanned aircraft vehicle flew over the United States Bank of America Stadium when a Carolina Panthers soccer match-up took place in Charlotte, North Carolina made clueless fans & players surprise. There was no damage or something caused by the flying robot; however, the person operating it was detained & questioned a while later. After that occurrence, alongside comparative circumstances, the FAA took a more serious approach to criminalize UAV operations in specific zones

10. UAV hovered over Comerica Park

At the same time the Baltimore Orioles were competing against Detroit Tigers in a baseball match-up, a flying machine went humming overhead. Given that professional games, in general, draw in a multitude of fans, a weaponized UAV could probably bring about injuries that are not small at all. It is hard to detect flying robots and this vehicle makes security more difficult to enforce at the events like so. 

11. This type of aircraft crashes into the United States’ Grand Prismatic Spring

A Dutch man’s UAV collided in the well-known hot spring Grand Prismatic Spring (Yellowstone National Park). At that point, park officers were worried that the brought-down robot and efforts to move it out, was likely to harm the spring. 

12. Hawk attacked a flying robot

At the end of the day, there has been a situation where nature retaliates against devices made by human beings. 

A UAV met its fate at the claws of a hawk flying in a park in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The flying machine caught the skirmish on the camera attached to it and as you may guess, the resulting video became viral. 

While this most likely will not be a typical incident, there can be contention made regarding the danger unmanned aircraft cause to wildlife.

13. Drone operator crashed it when talking about UAV safety

Six years ago, Dave Mosher from Popular Science visited FOX & Friends to discuss pilot licensing requirements posed by the FAA & UAVs’ safe operation. Unluckily, he continued to collide a Phantom 2 Vision+ model from DJI into one camera operator.

14. Quadcopter attacked by zoo chimpanzee using the tree branch

The chimpanzee at one Netherlands zoo seemed to feel that a drone was becoming excessively risky. That is why a female chimp took the flying robot that was shooting for a TV program out of the sky and let it make its end.

15. UAV collided with the US’ Seattle Space Needle 

People tend to count on flying robots to take films of historical landmarks that may be hard to admire very close; however, doing so can result in a few issues also. During arrangements for a 2016 / 2017 New Year’s Eve show at the renowned Space Needle (Seattle, the United States), a random UAV collided with this landmark. The good news was, no workers there went through injuries. 

16. Flying machine attacked by an eagle

In Norway, Golden Eagle brought down a flying robot; the bird might have considered the drone as an adversary bird. Poor it!

17. UAV moved with speed through fifth story window and hit a man in the head 

A man in South Africa’s Cape Town got a terrible surprise five years ago when a beginner UAV operator slammed a drone through the office window at the fifth story and ended up failing to stop the drone hit him in the head

18. Drone damaged the famous train

The renowned passenger train Flying Scotsman, which runs between Scotland & the United Kingdom capitals, additionally had a not pleasant experience with a UAV. 

Five years ago, about 30 days following an extended renovation, the train suffered drone-caused damage. A flying robot filming this train caught a trackside tree, followed by its camera flying off into a rail vehicle. Luckily, there were no harmed people, yet the uproarious bang gave passengers a huge shock. 

That is not all; in April of the same year, a trainspotting UAV barely got away from a crash into the Flying Scotsman. If lady luck had not been accompanying it that day, the big bang could probably have gone with harm to crucial equipment & serious harm to passengers and all that. 

19. Drone put a cyclist at risk

Cyclists are likewise in danger. Four years ago, a flying robot filming California’s Golden State Race Series fell onto the track after colliding with a tree. As one UAV fragment was trapped in a cyclist’s front wheel, he went over the handlebars. Luckily, he did not undergo any serious injury, and as a recompense for the cyclist’s incident with the drone, the UAV pilot promised to get him another helmet & wheel.

20. Three-hour electricity cut

In West Hollywood, close to Los Angeles, a flying machine was answerable for a 180-minute electricity cut of a few hundred houses. Ironically, it flew into the current line only a few weeks after the Los Angeles Council had strengthened its regulations related to UAV use. 

On the one hand, it was daytime, and residents were engaged in their usual activities on the street and no injury or something was found. On the other hand, more than six-hundreds West Hollywood inhabitants were bothered & needed to stand by until the persons in charge managed to fix the power line. Firemen likewise blocked two of Sunset Boulevard’s lanes, where the crash happened. 

21. Drone got shot down

Even if the drone pilot has control over this machine, and it is in great condition, the drone flight may still have a sad ending. For example, in New Zealand, a local resident tried and shot down a flying robot flying over his land plot, and nearly ended up paying with prison time

As indicated by police & the UAV pilot, the robot was not unlawfully filming private property; it was taking a video of a plot available to be purchased across the road from that shooter’s land. Still, the offended parties could not demonstrate to the court that the flying robot had not operated off-course. Subsequently, the defendant became absolved. 

Drone crash: What should you do at times of a UAV accident?

With the increasing utilization of drones, it is useful for you as their pilot to be in the picture about what to do in the event of a UAV mishap. By figuring out the way of repairing this robot yourself, you will be able to diminish the necessary time & cash for having your UAV back to the state it should be – flying smoothly. But be that as it may, at times, the damage degree may be to such an extent that asking the UAV maker for support is significant. 

1. Report the collision to the FAA

The FAA’s Part 107 guidelines characterize the threshold that any accident needs reporting. It necessitates that remote operators report any occurrence that brings about damage in overabundance of five-hundreds dollars. Also, it requires operators to report the occurrence within ten days of the incident. You may want to find further info here.

2. Your contact Information affixed on the drone works somehow

One of the 1st things you ought to do after being a UAV owner is to attach your contact info on your automation machine. Doing so helps in case of an accident; in other words, there will be a lower possibility that you lose your drone by and large. Specify not only your name but also your contact number; in case your robot gets lost after an unanticipated mishap, there should be higher odds that somebody will find it & reach you. 

3. Count on YouTube channels for the problem solving

Before you search for the customer support number given by the producer of your flying robot, it is advisable to try the DIY way. The most effective approach to start is finding help from the Internet. There are indeed a couple of YouTube channels that handle that topic.

Repair the drone’s camera

The camera is among the most vulnerable bits of hardware on a UAV. In case your robot crashes, odds are its camera will not end up being safe and sound. There is a tutorial pointing out the steps you should take to fix your damaged camera. 

In that instance, the camera was not moving smoothly. That was a consequence of it getting halfway separated from the robot. 

By utilizing a typical set of tools – for example, a screwdriver, the instructor works like he is doing a medical procedure on the UAV. 

Shell replacement

This is another YouTube channel with DIY UAV repairing techniques; here, you can find out about the shell replacement. 

Tethering process for your UAV

There is a vulnerability that goes with the territory after a robot mishap. An approach to deal with this is following your robot’s repair, utilize a rope to tether it so that you can stay away from what is referred to as a “fly away”. The Youtube channel guides you on how to tether the drone once it has been fixed after a mishap. 

All in all

As should be obvious, UAVs are a helpful tool for photograph & video capturing and other different assignments; with that being said, they can be a possibly genuine danger to human wellbeing & property. Luckily, you can avoid drone accidents by taking proper safety measures and adhering to applicable regulations. And even if you ever have no luck with your flight, there are ways (as mentioned above, for instance) to tackle the incident.

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