DROCON X708W Review: Why Does It Stand Out of the Crowd?

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There is a reasonably-priced camera drone for novices that you may want to consider. It is the Cyclone X708W Wi-Fi FPV Training Quadcopter from DROCON, a compact drone with the camera, and coming with a heap of attributes. 

In case you have been hoping to get your hands on a favorably-priced camera flying robot, to begin with, this model is among one of the most famous options for newbies. In the following review, we are discussing its construction quality, camera quality, performance, to name a few.

The objective of this review of the DROCON X708 product unit is to assist you with settling on the best, most informed buying choice. In this light, the two most significant elements that you should think about are: how simple is it to fly the machine, and how about its longevity? 

Before you account for other extra highlights, these two factors ought to be met first. Luckily, drone innovation has been advancing at a quick pace, and the same goes for quality. 

Without any further ado, let’s plunge into the review.

(One thing to note, in this post, we are also going to refer to the term drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation)

Pros & Cons

DROCON Drone for Beginners X708W Wi-Fi FPV Training Quadcopter with HD Camera
DROCON Drone for Beginners X708W Wi-Fi FPV Training Quadcopter with HD Camera
  • Extra simple to control, ideal for first-time drone flyers and beginners.
  • One-of-a-kind and stylish construction look that draws the attention of the audience.
  • Built-in 720P HD camera, which offers quality pictures and recordings to your cell phones.
  • Astonishing performance because of a large number of beginner-friendly attributes.
  • Has integrated flight safety navigation systems, making it extra simple to handle during flight activity.
  • Makes an excellent training UAV for children and beginners.
  • It has limited remote control distance; still, that is definitely not a significant issue.
  • Restricted battery life, yet we suggest you buy extra batteries if necessary.
QUICK CONCLUSIONWe think this DROCON model is an extraordinary quality meticulously created for novices and veteran remote pilots - because of its high performance along with packed highlights. The flight controls are exact and balanced out, which makes it excessively simple for newbies with no earlier drone flying experience to operate the machine directly out of the box. With the smooth combination of simple flight modes and flight safety navigation attributes, novices will really love to have this as their training UAV.

Target audience

  • In the event that you are a beginner UAV flying devotee and you simply need to pick up understanding and experience on a flying robot that is easy to utilize and has fundamental highlights before proceeding onward to a further upgraded one, consider getting this X708W unit.
  • In the event that you could not imagine anything better than to be in full control of your automaton, this model is flown manually and does not come with a GPS attribute. 
  • You can likewise get it in case you simply need a robot that does not feature a high-resolution camera.

Key features

1. Construction quality

To begin with, this model has jet black coating covering all around its fundamental body structure. There is silver-gray shading below its body, aside from red stripes around the engine arms. We preferred how this automaton comes with two front red LED lights, which deliver a quite fascinating look. 

While most advanced UAVs, for example, the Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone and Potensic D50, GPS Drone with Camera are outfitted with brushless engines, the X708 unit from DROCON features brushed motors. Nonetheless, it gets its performance enhanced for improved speed and exact flight controls. 

On the engine arms’ ends, LED lights are available to offer visual help with spotting the automaton during nighttime and daytime alike. This is a significant construction attribute, not just for novices but for veteran UAV flyers. 

You may also like the top-notch ABS plastic material, which gives a secure layer of protection; this material is resistant to impacts, thus making it difficult to break the shell. Novices will not need to stress over breaking the automaton by chance since it is equipped for dealing with a few beatings all alone. 

Last but not least, this unmanned aircraft comes with an integrated 720P HD camera positioned in the device’s front. It is capable of streaming continuous video to your cell phone and will enable you to capture recordings or stills from the skies. 

By and large, the construction quality of the DROCON X708 model is incredible. 

2. The drone’s performance

This drone indeed provides you with a hint of its incredible performance. It is the model’s name Cyclone X708. Which suggests it should be the execution stuffed with speed and exact controls. 

As a matter of first importance, the flying machine has diverse speed modes that give a gradual and seamless learning curve. 

Novices with no earlier flying experience will have the option to get familiar with the rope of flight controls. As soon as they ace the essentials, they can raise the speed mode for challenging themselves. Some automatons have these highlights, for example, the DROCON Ninja Drone that is designed for novices. 

What is more? This UAV features an integrated barometer which distinguishes any change in the level of air pressure automatically. After that, it adjusts as needed to assist in keeping the automaton stability balance for seamless and exact flight control. 

Overall, the X708 flying robot is full of beginner-friendly attributes that make the entire flight activity straightforward enough for first-time drone flyers.

3. Remote controller

Finally, this review of the DROCON model cannot be complete without discussing the remote controller. From its appearance, the transmitter’s construction is proficient, and it comes in white shading that delivers the feeling of a top-notch gadget. You may love that the controls are basic and direct, which makes it simple enough for novices who have no earlier drone operating experience to figure out how to fly. 

Since the controls are basic, you can, without much of a stretch, move the automaton out from the package and begin flying right away. 

Apart from that, you will have the option to install the phone holder onto the device’s remote controller. Just put your cell phone onto the phone holder, and you can see the recordings in real-time. It is known as the fantastic device for flying the automaton in the First Person View (FPV) mode.


This UAV comes with plenty of beginner-friendly flight modes. They may be all that any beginner could need to make the entire flying experience comfortable and straightforward enough.

1. Altitude Hold

It is a fantastic mode for novices. As mentioned above, the drone has a top-of-the-line barometer which offers a steady and seamless flight. With regards to capturing pictures, it ought not to have any jitter; if not, your photographs will get shaky. 

Many people pose this inquiry, how to utilize the altitude hold mode. Let us tell you – there is indeed not a separate mode in that capacity. It implies it will remain any place it is if you leave the sticks. Again, this mode is favorable if you are a newbie.

2. Smart Control and FPV

To control this DROCON X708W flying machine via your mobile, you have to install the application from DROCON, which is accessible at Google Play Store and iOS as well. It enables you to observe the things from an automaton viewpoint, and you know precisely what you are shooting; likewise, it assists with framing the composition and shot. The mode connects to the UAV through Wifi.

FPV makes the entire experience more vivid, and it is additionally useful when it comes to controlling the automaton in an excellent way. 

In general, to utilize this mode:

  • You need to install the application
  • The connection ought to be done appropriately between the cell phone and your UAV.

Bear in mind that this model does not come with any microSD slot; that is why everything would be put away in your mobile SD card as it were.

3. Headless mode

Let us share our experience with you. 

When the first time we operated a UAV, it did not feature a headless mode. Accordingly, we needed to realize the flying robot’s back and front part through FPV and to keep the UAV in our sight. It was troublesome! We nearly slammed our automaton a couple of times. 

Along these lines, in case you are a newbie, and this is your first flying machine, the headless mode should be your incredible buddy. Thanks to it, the UAV direction handling will not change whatever direction the drone is confronting. The mode works to disengage the drone’s first orientation, and the model’s any part can fill in as the nose. 

4. One Key Return

This is additionally an incredible mode that we needed to bring up. Here and there, the UAV becomes out of control, and as a novice, you may not have the foggiest idea what to do. In such a case, hit the One Key Return button; then, the automaton will automatically come back to the home location. 

Bear in mind that this capacity probably will not work when the drone’s battery is low. Additionally, remember that when utilizing this capacity, you are in the range. 

Along with this beginner-friendly model, the DROCON model has other fail-safe functions like out of range warning and low power alarm.

5. 360 Flips

This mode does enhance your fun flying experience. After you press one handy button, the drone will be able to do the stunning flips along the prop axis. 

In case you are trying to record the video when doing the flip, we are certain that you will make certain impressive films. It will provide you with the vibe as though you are operating the fighter jet. 

Specifically, to do the flips, turn on the feature. Follow by pushing the sticks toward the path you desire to see the flip. 

6. Two speed modes

Low and high-speed modes make this automaton extraordinary for both experienced and beginner automaton fliers. 

As addressed above, novices will be able to practice at the low speed, which enables them to ace the automaton before changing to the quicker flight mode.

What is in the box?

Exactly, what will you find in the package?

  • Four Spare Propellers (four pieces/ one set)
  • Four Propeller Protectors (four pieces/ one set)
  • One Product Manual
  • One Screwdriver
  • One Lipo Battery
  • One USB Charger
  • One Phone Mount Holder
  • One Controller
  • One DROCON Cyclone X708W Quadcopter

Typical accessories:

  • While the model has a restricted battery life, we suggest you buy additional batteries if necessary. 

The best alternative models to the DROCON X708W

1. DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter – by DRONCON

drocon bugs 3 drocon cyclone x708w alternative
DROCON Bugs 3 – A DROCON cyclone x708w alternative

Similar to the Cyclone X708W model, this blue bug product unit is also an entry-level UAV intended for newbie drone pilots. 

But be that as it may, there are a couple of main differences between them. For instance, the DROCON X708W has brushed engines; meanwhile, the Bugs 3 features 1800 KV brushless engines, which is the more impressive of the two. 

The two models feature inexpensive cameras, but the DROCON Bugs 3 makes it a stride further by enabling you to mount GoPro as well as other action cameras. The Bugs 3 is additionally the unmistakable victor with regards to flight time; the model’s 1800 mAh battery allows for an average of 18 minutes of flight time in comparison with seven on the Cyclone X708W from the same brand. 

Read another review of DROCON Bugs 3 here.

2. Goolsky VISUO XS812 Drone – by Goolsky

The two product units have an affordable price, which settles on them as a perfect option for those searching for a reasonable-cost introduction to the drone flying world. 

But be that as it may, the XS812 model from Goolsky has an advantageous edge with regards to attributes; the GPS positioning system of the device is impressive, particularly at this range of price. Moreover, the XS812 drone provides you with greater adaptability as far as the camera systems are concerned since it is capable of supporting 1080p versions aside from 720p ones. 

What is more? The DROCON X708W UAV boasts 360-degree aerobatic flips; meanwhile, the XS812 comes with smart modes, for example, Follow Me, Circle Hovering, and WayPoint. The two units have Wi-Fi constant picture transmission and different speed modes. 

All in all

Before we finish up this review of the Cyclone X708 model from DROCON, there are some remarks to be said about this automaton. In general, we consider this as an incredible quality flying robot that is full of novice-friendly highlights. The flight controls are hardly a disappointment; they are sufficiently basic to operate directly out of the box. 

The material that the model utilizes is solid ABS plastic, which gives an extra layer of protection. Besides, the flying robot has a flying time of seven minutes on average with a controller distance of 100 meters at max. It is a lot of flying space that provides you with every one of the training aptitudes that you need to turn into a pro UAV pilot.

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