The CHASING Dory Underwater Drone Review: An Excellent Affordable Choice

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Chinese innovation firm Chasing-Innovation has declared an expansion to its scope of submerged drones. The proof is that it launched CHASING Dory Underwater Drone, the less sizable sibling to the as of now profoundly well known GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

While the convenient size and simple operation are intended to satisfy industrial users, for example, professionals inspecting the ships’ hull integrity and researchers leading marine exploration, the more current, accessible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) will, with no uncertainty, draw the attention of picture takers and videographers. 

This Dory model comes outfitted with a 1080p full HD camcorder, splendid f/1.6 lens and amazing LED headlights – essential highlights for capturing great pictures while working in typical low-light submerged conditions.

(One thing to note, in this review, we also refer to the term drones as flying machines, flying robots, ROV, or automation.)

CHASING Dory Pros & Cons

CHASING Dory Underwater Drone - 1080p Full HD Underwater Drone with Camera for Real Time Viewing
CHASING Dory Underwater Drone – 1080p Full HD Underwater Drone with Camera for Real Time Viewing

Pros of the Chasing Dory

1. The smartest, least sizable, and generally well-priced cutting-edge submerged automaton 

Envision holding the ocean in your hand’s palm. The model is small when compared to a sheet of paper; it can fit easily into your shoulder sack and be effectively moved where you need to utilize it. DORY is known for being about half lighter and smaller than the past automaton from the same brand Gladius Mini drone.

2. Get the impressive angle

The tilt lock at 45 degrees allows you to quickly discover the floor of the ocean or peer up at the above waters for the most fantastic angle. 

3. High precision positioning

For your information, GPS Wi-Fi Buoy gives exact readings, so you generally know your whereabouts. Thanks to Anti-lost Warning, you will not be disconnected. 

4. One hour of discovery

The battery with the capacity of 4800 mAh gives 60-minute runtime at full charge. 

5. Lock in your level

Owing to Depth Lock, you will be able to keep up the ROV stability at the exact depth you pick without being tossed around. 

6. Vivid photos in all conditions

The 1080p camera of the model pushes the limits of what is conceivable with f/1.6 lens for visibility even at low-light conditions.

7. Restore true colors

The smart shading restoration algorithm helps make photographs stay vivid in every one of the conditions. 

8. Perfect lighting for discovery

Both 250-lumen lights work to illuminate the waters while not overwhelming sea inhabitants or the eye.

9. Practical controls, plug, plunge and play: Easy to use

There is no required complicated remote – only a practical application directly on your cell phone. Control anything – say, diving and tilting to keeping up a particular depth all with your phone’s convenience.

10. Innovative modes

For example, the Duo Device Co-Play of the drone places one individual in charge of the automaton and one on the camera and video for most extreme fun.

11. Value for money


The small propellers may clog with weed.

Quick conclusion

The brand makes submerged drone for photography, etc. less complicated and less sizable with the Chasing Dory model, a portable, remotely run vehicle which is capable of transmitting video and photographs from up to 49′ and a tablet or a cell phone controls it. The product unit has connectivity with a compact floating Wi-Fi buoy with the 49′ tether as well as live stream video at 720p from underneath the surface, to your gadget and online social platforms in case you like. 

This device manages to capture 2MP photographs and records video at 1920 x 1080, 30 fps, improved by a shading-restoration algorithm for vivid imagery, and the model’s wide f/1.6 lens do an excellent job of capturing the view and the action in any conditions – for instance, the low light. The 250-lumen LED lights are useful for illuminating the scene, with shading temperature of 4000 k to 5000 k.

Target audience

This Chasing Dory underwater drone is fantastic for:

  • Those who are looking for an addicting underwater ROV at a reasonable price.
  • Those who are searching for an ROV with incredible video quality.
  • People who are in the market for a portable underwater drone.
  • People who are finding an easy-to-use, smart ROV.
  • Those that are looking for a model that is suitable for not only kids but also adults.

Key features

The best automatons in the ocean or the air are simply astonishing. 

The magnificence of innovation is that today anybody can become Jacques Cousteau and discover the ocean. It has never been simpler than it is these days – on the grounds that the Dory unit from Chasing is compact and affordable. This automaton is somewhat bigger than your hand. You need not bother with a waterproof camera, a huge manned submarine or a less sizable personal submerged engine to find the privileged insights of the seas. 

This Dory is famous for being the smartest, smallest, and best-priced cutting-edge submerged automaton out there now. It comes with premium highlights, practical set-up; also, it makes sharing your exploring experiences simpler. As mentioned above, the model follows on the achievement of the brand’s past Gladius, which was likewise a success. 

1. Find the mysteries of the sea 

This drone is convenient enough for any knapsack, so it can go anyplace whenever you want. Yet, maybe the best attribute is that it is so simple to utilize. 

The application enables you to control the automaton with your cell phone. You can likewise share pictures and live stream what the robot sees. Include premium performance at a reasonable cost, and you have the genuine ruler of submerged automatons. 

That is not all; the flying robot comes with depth and temp sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and even more at a reasonable price that you will appreciate. 

2. This model has plenty of features 

As addressed above, the product features a 1080p full HD camera for video, LED headlights, an f/1.6 lens, aside from five thruster propulsion. This automaton ought to do well in low lighting environments as the LEDs are positioned in the front on every side of the drone’s camera. It can arrive at the most considerable dive depth of 15 meters and still be easily controlled with the cell phone application. 

3. An ROV that delivers more

Other highlights include the stunning depth lock with the goal that you can keep it at whatever depth you need and make it stay stable. In case you desire to get the most fantastic angle, the tilt lock at 45 degrees enables 45 degrees of movement to discover the sea depths or explore the waters above. This adventuring machine likewise has eight GB of memory in the small Wi-Fi buoy. 

Doubtlessly, this is creating a significant splash in the oceanic automaton market. You get a ton at the good cost, and the gadget is constructed well overall. It allows pretty much anybody to discover the sea for fun and effortlessly. For sure, you could still utilize a sub wing that enables you to fly submerged.


The model comes with two outstanding modes – they are:

1. Innovative Duo Device Co-Play

Regardless of whether for grown-ups or youngsters, this drone is, without a doubt, one of the coolest presents! With its duo play mode, two users will be able to operate one Chasing Dory. 

You may want to have one individual control the movements of the submerged automaton while the other is in charge of operating the drone’s camera. Start your submerged investigation experience with your child now! 

2. Tilt Lock

As you know, the camera of the drone features an f1.6 lens with 1/2.9-inch CMOS sensor equipped for recording at 1080p, a 100-degree field of view, as well as a ±45-degree Tilt-Lock mode that will enable you to scan any waterway floor or discover its surface above.

What is in the box?

  • Cleaning tool
  • 1.8A electrical cord
  • International power adapters
  • The 15-meter tether
  • The Chasing Dory Buoy
  • The Chasing Dory underwater drone

The best alternative models to the Chasing Dory

For those who are looking for other comparable underwater drones to the Dory from Chasing Innovation, below are some of the top picks for your need!

1. CHASING GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone (ROV) with 4K UHD Camera (100M Tether) – by Chasing

CHASING GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone (ROV) with 4K UHD Camera
CHASING GM0001 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone (ROV) with 4K UHD Camera – a great alternative for CHASING Dory


  • Smart pitch control cum depth lock mode for enhanced stable footage
  • Wifi controlled through a floating base station
  • Captures 4K


  • Framing shots through the application may be challenging

2. Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera and LED Fill Light, Aquarobotman ROV Drones for Marine Video, Fish Finder, Fishing Camcorder, RC Submarine Robot Toy – by Aquarobotman

Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera and LED Fill Light is another alternative model for Chasing Dory
Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera and LED Fill Light is another alternative model for CHASING Dory


  • The drone has a high-quality, convenient charger
  • High-speed memory card with the storage space of 64 GB
  • Fantastic resolution for capturing the stunning view.


  • There are not many reviews available

All in all

With a lightweight construction, 60-minute battery life, fast 120-minute battery charging, apart from cutting-edge imaging and maneuverability attributes and features, the Dory model from Chasing Innovation is undoubtedly attracting attention. At a manageable cost, this drone is highly likely to unlock professional underwater photography to an even wider audience.

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