Top 5 Best Foldable Drones to Check Out Before You Buy (2020 Updated)

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Fantastically premium, valuable, and aerial – drones have now become a reliable closest companion of ardent videographers. While the entirety of the previously mentioned adjectives appropriately depicts these flying machines and their characteristics, portable did not ever fit in with the general mix – at least for quite a while. 

Owing to the wide wingspans included in these devices, the issue of them not being compact turned into a problem that is begging to be addressed. Fortunately, manufacturers presented the idea of foldable drones. In a little while, models with the ability to be folded into a minimal shape and fit into your rucksack or even your coat pocket without the risk of breaking one or two wings were released by different brands. 

Since the time these foldable automatons entered the market, a lot of top-rated firms have been following suit, and well-known DJI is the one driving the list right now with its Mavic line up of best units of this type. Currently, folding drones are presumably among the most hit classes in the automaton market for many great reasons!

Below we have put together some of the top picks in the market these days. We have also specified all the advantages and disadvantages of every gadget and presented a comparison table so that your next (or first!) drone buy should be your well-informed, best choice.

The Best Foldable Drones This 2020 – Reviewed!

1. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone – by Holy Stone

oly Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone
  • Four different speed modes
  • Can be controlled via your cell phone
  • Good 720p video quality
  • Compact; can fit in your pocket
  • A fantastic performance to cost ratio
  • It may be hard to navigate the model in the wind without the sensors
  • Flight time of just seven to nine minutes

At a reasonable price this model comes in, we would not have anticipated that it should bring deep satisfaction. Yet, it evidently outperforms our expectations and offers the absolute best at the price that the product sells for. Without a doubt, its attributes are not on par with the much more expensive units; still, this one has its own set of highlights that you will be basically not able to disregard.

First off, you cannot go wrong with its compactness. The item is capable of folding to the size of a smartphone and fit serenely in your pocket, which makes it an incredible option to tag along with you as you travel. On the one hand, the unit’s camera probably does not come in 4K video quality or even a 1080p top quality. On the other hand, the 720p quality is adequate for novices and its cost.

The Holy Stone is additionally connectible with your cell phone so that you can observe what the drone sees. There is a trick, however – well, two of them:

  • Right off the bat, you will have to have one remote control with it. 
  • You should be connected to an Internet connection within the bounds of 30 meters consistently since you are flying your machine.

When it comes to flying, the foldable drones have a seven-to-nine-minute flight that is not the best. Besides, those who are not adept at flying this type of automatons may find the Shadow FPV RC Drone somewhat difficult to control. Without the integrated GPS sensors, balancing out the automaton is likely a feat. Maneuvering this device in blustery conditions particularly can be the stuff of legend.

The good news is, the model sports four distinctive speed modes to get you familiar with your drone flying experience. If you are a newbie, your safest bet should be the Tutorial Mode; you will notice a sensational rise in your automaton’s movement and speed as you move on to other higher-level speed modes. The Expert Mode will test your ability and skill in flying the machine – the experience can be fun and challenging at the same time.

2. DJI – Mavic Pro Quadcopter – by DJI

Mavic Pro Quadcopter foldabla drone with Remote Controller
DJI Mavic Pro foldable drone with remote controller
  • You can also use it indoors
  • Smart satellite positioning with GLONASS/ GPS
  • Incredible range and speed
  • Impressive camera quality (4K video)
  • Foldable and portable
  • Only 60 Mb/s bitrate
  • Time for charging is limited – 50 minutes
  • Perhaps, audio quality is not the best
  • It is not waterproof

This DJI is a name well known by avid fans of foldable drones. The ground-breaking machine indeed sits serenely at the top-of-the-line value go. It is the sort of branded automaton you could boast of and take with you as your valued belonging, something like a Bentley for the car aficionado or Louis Vuitton for the fashion lovers.

The unit provides greatness in basically every area, and its attributes are genuinely noteworthy. The measure of detail put into building this gem is impressive, and best of all, it is foldable! This is something the Phantom 4 from DJI lacks yet is on par with the Mavic Pro regarding other highlights. That is not all; the footage quality of the model is hardly doubtful.

In case you do not know, a drone gadget’s singular aim is to capture excellent photographs in top condition – the Mavic Pro goes beyond what is expected in this regard.

It delivers genuine 4K video quality with polished graphics and proficient outcomes. The recording caught on this automaton is transparent and seamless and something no one but experts can accomplish. With the additional advantage of highlights, for example, the Active Track, three-axis gimbal, and TapFly, capturing quality film on this unit is a breeze.

The foldable drones provide a perfect range of seven km or 4.3 miles. The gadget can fly at paces of 40 mph and can keep going for a decent flight time of 27 minutes.

The GLONASS (short for GLObal NAvigation Satellite System) and the integrated GPS system further improve the image positioning. This will assist you with capturing videos and taking photographs inside and outside alike. The DJI can likewise take off at extraordinary heights with an optimal ascent speed of five m/s and a most exceptional descent speed of three m/s.

Plus, the construction of this device is a masterpiece itself. It is reliable and strong, with safety considered as one of the priorities. It can work on a wide temperature scale – from zero degrees Celsius to 40 degrees.

All things considered, the product may be a costly buy, yet the cash is worth it.

3. DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter – by DJI

mavic air foldable drone with remote controller
DJI Mavic Air foldable drone with remote controller
  • Secure, sturdy construction
  • Decent video bitrate of 100 Mb/s
  • Provides extra stable flight and high speeds
  • Extremely portable; it is foldable to the size of your smartphone
  • The awkward video cropping feature
  • Quite short battery life and time of flight
  • Not so good range in comparison with the DJI Mavic Pro

One of the excellent additions to the DJI drone family is these Mavic Air foldable drones. This unit may be a brilliant choice for more casual consumers. The device appreciates most of the same attributes as the Mavic Pro model does, but it does as such with certain limitations.

With regards to video quality, the machine outperforms our expectations with a camera with the capability of recording at as much as 100 Mb/s. This is a lot more prominent than the Mavic Pro unit with the ability to capture videos at just 60 Mb/s. The DJI Mavic Air’s higher bitrate brings about an exceptional video recording experience.

On the other hand, while the video quality itself is 4K too, the awkward video crop in this device fails to give an incredible impression in comparison with the legendary Mavic Pro.

In spite of the compact size of the drone, it can likewise take on quick speeds. In the sports mode, it can arrive at a rate of 65 kph with a fantastic hold at stability. Further, the gimbal with three axes integrated into the device’s mechanics enables it to slice through windy paces of more than 16mph.

The construction quality of these foldable drones is quite not too bad as well. A frame much secures the structure of the camera, and no fragile finishes mean no vulnerability to breaking.

Even better, the gimbal lock has considerably enhanced from the previous models. Best of all, this unit is a genuinely compact flying machine. You can fold it to the size of a cell phone and for all intents and purposes – take it with you pretty much anyplace; it is the ideal traveling buddy.

While there are a ton of upsides to this Mavic Air from DJI, there are areas that it lacks. Take for instance the life of the battery. The device can last just 15 minutes of flight time regardless of being promoted otherwise of 21-minute flight time.

The range that this product delivers is likewise short of what we anticipated. Without the Lightbridge and OcuSync radio link innovation built into the DJI Mavic Air, the radio signal quality and the range are not that good. Connecting to your cell phone to control the model with smart hand gestures is, moreover, necessary.

4. Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone – by Parrot

Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone, Foldable Quadcopter Drone with 4K HDR Camera
Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone, Foldable Quadcopter Drone with 4K HDR Camera
  • Photos and videos are editable on your smartphone app
  • Fantastic speed of max 50 km/h
  • Incredible 2.5-mile range
  • Added GLONASS and GPS sensors for stability
  • Sky Controller enables you to pilot the drone with ease
  • 4K HDR video quality with fantastic 21-MP still images
  • The connection gets frequently interrupted
  • The drone sometimes moves itself on hover mode
  • Smartphone app crashes sometimes

Another contestant in the world of foldable drones is Parrot, and, guys, they are giving some fierce competition to the models from DJI! Aside from the superb portability, their PF728000 Anafi is intended to offer amazing results. This unit features a carrying case, manual propeller blades, chargers, Sky Controller 3, and even a Micro SD card. Its weight is just 11oz, which makes the model among the strongest, lightest flying machines in the market these days.

Coming with a 4K HDR camera, the device is even more desirable as compared to the Mavic Air from DJI. While the recording quality is basically the same in the two models, it is the additional HDR in the Parrot unit that makes it outstanding. The HDR choice does add enhanced substance to your landscapes, which is certainly the most significant part of automaton photography. 

The camera is likewise ready to tilt 180 degrees because of the mounted three-axis gimbal. This feature is brilliant as it helps capture photographs from not only high angles but also low ones.

In addition, the 21-MP still image quality is unquestionably amazing. You will be able to edit your photographs and recordings right here as well and afterward on the cell phone app to share them quickly with your buddies.Plus, the flying device is pretty similar to the DJI Mavic Air in a lot of aspects – for example, the flight time and battery life. We found that before it needs to recharge, this machine can spend about 21 to 25 minutes of flight time. Its battery is additionally sufficient – 2700mAh high-density lithium battery.

You will have a comfortable experience when piloting these Parrot foldable drones. Sky Controller 3 allows you to fly your automaton without an issue. The additional GLONASS and GPS sensors likewise give it a further increase in stability so that the model can fly quite well even in blustery conditions.

You may also love that the drone’s range is incredible at about 2.5 miles and optimal speed of 50km/h. At the end of the day, this Anafi is a promising buy. In spite of being a young firm, it does figure out how to become famous by designing impressive models. There are a great deal of elements in it that are like the DJI Mavic Air, yet its price is lower than the latter.

5. Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K Quadcopter – by Ruko

Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K Quadcopter UHD Live Video GPS Foldable Drones
Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K Quadcopter UHD Live Video GPS Foldable Drone
  • Solid GPS signal
  • 4K still pictures look completely extraordinary
  • Operating range can reach out more than one kilometer
  • Excellent battery life: over 25 minutes of flight time
  • Durable design
  • Controller with integrated display
  • Fantastic camera for video and pictures
  • Level 7 wind resistance
  • Cannot offer recordings in full resolution
  • To some degree lackluster picture stabilization
  • Hover mode does not work very well

This Ruko is another brilliant addition to our best foldable drones list. It has a distinctive, square-shaped central body, appearing all rough and mechanical, combined with a good camera, extraordinary battery, and reliable brushless motors. Everything seems to be incredible on paper, is not that so? – We should see whether the F11 is good enough in practice too!

The model will not disappoint you when it comes to the features. You can brag about its reliable GPS signal, which is of vital significance for the remainder of F11’s list of capabilities. That includes long-range FPV transmission, one key departure/ landing, headless mode, TapFly, and auto return to home.

The camera will be a surprise to you as well. As labeled, it is a 4K sensor; still, it cannot offer recordings in full resolution, just in 2.7K. Still pictures are 4K, and they look completely extraordinary. In spite of the fact 2.7K is an alright resolution for the current standards, the footage does not look superbly great with all the vibration and unsteadiness that come from the flight.

Besides, the FPV transmission of this quadcopter can reach up to 500 meters, and that is on beautiful days with a clear sight line. Operating range, nonetheless, reaches out more than one kilometer, which makes the model substantially more than your normal backyard flyer. Pair that with over 25 minutes of flight time, and you get yourself an incredible all-around package, with the only issue being to some degree lackluster picture stabilization.

Comparison Table

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Foldable Drones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you have a better idea of the top-rated product options out there at the moment, let’s dive more into this type of flying machine so that you can make the best, most informed choices in the end.

1. What was the first well-known foldable drone?

While there are a few automatons that came out before Mavic Pro from DJI, it is as yet safe to state that it was the first renowned folding drone to become available for purchase. Before this DJI, foldable automatons were not even close to their present ubiquity. For what reason was that so? 

Indeed, the most probable reason is that DJI adopted a unique strategy for portable lying devices with Mavic Pro… simply like they do all the time when entering a new niche. Rather than settling on a medium-tier unit with unremarkable performance, the brand introduced an utter beast. We will put it all on the line here and state that there are just a couple of full-sized quadcopters fit for providing more exceptional performance than the Mavic Pro. 

Clearly, buyers adored having an incredibly compact automaton with such tremendous execution and imaging ability. In this way, DJI Mavic Pro turned into a big hit and is as yet a profoundly appreciated top-of-the-line model.

2. Is having foldable drones worth it? What are their main advantages?

Well, somehow, yes!

The evident advantage is plainly their portable design. This makes them staggeringly travel-friendly. How about we take Mavic Pro from DJI for instance: its precise proportions in the folded construction are 83 mm x 83 mm x 198 mm. Pair this with its weight of just 0.74 kg (1.64 pounds), and you will start to see why it is increasingly well known. 

Now that we have mentioned the critical advantage, how about we take one moment to discuss the main downside. Most assuredly, the main disadvantage of such smaller-than-usual automatons is their failure to hover consistently in the air. Having said that, their lightweight feature has both positive and negative effects: it, on the one hand, is making them simpler to take around; on the other hand, it causes keeping a consistent hover in midair harder to withstand. 

Mavic Pro by DJI has dealt with this issue with genuinely potent motors that can accomplish outstanding hovering capability regardless of the low weight. Unluckily, this has not been the case with many other units since they cannot perform superbly during more robust winds.

3. Which model boasts of the longest flight time?

We have to clarify one thing before moving onto the following FAQs – Yes, the Mavic Pro models that DJI makes are excellent foldable drones simply like we addressed previously. Concerning raw performance, just some other units accessible in the market currently can be placed into a similar basket to them. 

Thus, it comes as positively nothing unexpected to see Mavic Pro as the collapsible automaton with the longest flight time of flight. It is actual – the model can fly up to 27 minutes, even half an hour in case you go for the Mavic Pro Platinum version from DJI.

4. How to unfold a folding drone?

This is an inquiry we have been getting much. Cutting straight to the chase with you folks, the appropriate answer is basically straightforward. In terms of unfolding these machines, there is no nuclear science. 

Much of the time, you will need to open up the prop arms from underneath the model’s body (or within it, in case of certain drones). Follow with pushing them outward until you hear them snapping into position. 

The only “troublesome” part would be the right unfolding pattern. A few models ask for the unfolding of front arms before you do so with the back ones, and others the other way around. 

All things considered, it is a simple process, so there is no compelling reason to worry about it.

5. Are foldable drones long-lasting?

The mechanism of these automatons enables their arms to be collapsed internally towards their centerpieces. We are addressing basic but extremely efficient little contraptions that do an impressive job of lessening the size of drones. 

But be that as it may, as the collapsing mechanism depends on micromechanical parts, a lot of people are thinking about whether they are the weak spot of these flying machines. While such mechanisms can be weak links at times of fast crashes, as a general rule, they are pretty robust. Particularly with top-quality models, for example, Mavic Pro from DJI, whose makers did not cut costs with more vulnerable snapping mechanisms.

6. Can folding drones become commercial drones’ future?

This is an excellent inquiry and a somewhat intriguing one, also. With that taken into play, it is to be expected to discover that foldable automatons could, indeed, be the commercial drone’s future. 

We are certain a lot of you definitely know there are colossal plans for totally autonomous systems of delivery that drones power. There is a big problem that becomes an integral factor – storage. 

By discussing an automated delivery system covering the whole USA, we refer to miles and miles of storerooms. This, obviously, could be handled with an easy solution – foldable drones. In case they would make use of flying machines that could collapse to shape at any rate 30% of their present size and get stackable with one another, there is no uncertainty they could genuinely turn into the commercial drone’s future.

The Bottom Line

There is little uncertainty that foldable automatons make flying a tremendously advantageous experience. Without the additional stuff and weight that may bring you down and the consistent dread of breaking one or two propellers in drones that cannot collapse, this rundown of the top product picks is sure to make a strong impression. 

While different foldable drones mentioned in our post have their upsides and downsides, they are, in general, surpassing our expectations. Consider them and opt for the best fit for your needs and wants. 

For example, in case you are hoping to spend a lot on these flying devices, the Mavic Pro manufactured by DJI ought to be the best selection. Sure it has become a significant status symbol among enthusiasts of drones, yet it does deliver brilliant results and come with some stunning attributes. Its solid form, impressive speed, fantastic range, and a tremendous range of operation all make the unit an attractive top-quality automaton to have. 

Else, the Anafi Drone from Parrot is not a long way behind that DJI in features and far better when it comes to the price.

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