The Top 5 Best Drones for Your Smart Home Security (2020 Updated)

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Until recently, ensuring your houses, etc. are well protected required the utilization of surveillance cameras and even bunches of patrolling guards. This has been practical for some users, but the expenses related to that kind of complex setup are pretty high, especially if your place is extra large.

This is where autonomous security observation drones become pertinent. The drones (also referred to as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation) first entered the market as an RC (remote-controlled) gadget. Still, because of improvements in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine vision, there are UAVs that would now be able to fly without the assistance of a human navigator. 

What is interesting is, since their advantages become increasingly obvious, drone makers have been making UAVs that can protect less sizable spaces such as a home

In this post, we are putting together some of the best UAVs for smart home security. Normally, given their top specifications, it is hard to pick the one and only model as the best, and user experience and explicit necessities would conclude that. But be that as it may, this rundown may fill in as a beginning point from which you should be able to narrow down your choices for a security surveillance flying robot.

1. Sunflower Labs

A lot of autonomous security aircraft vehicles out there these days are constructed for big industrial zones; meanwhile, Sunflower Labs focuses on the residential segment with the most feasible solutions that should secure any homes. The firm was first famous for its nursery lamps and sensors, which could identify undesirable movement in your private property, yet what is currently increasingly appealing is a UAV that can fly around your space, giving ultimate video surveillance service.

If it was in 2019 and you were desiring to get yourself the model from this company, you might need to wait because the corporate site said that they had not chosen when the item will start to ship. There had not been many specifics on the cost also, yet high-end residences were likely the underlying target market.

The good news is, Sunflower Labs announced the release of the first completely autonomous residential security UAV in the world Sunflower Home Awareness System at the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Since then, homeowners will have the option to pre-order the system.

2. DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter – by DJI

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone
DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter for smart home security

Product specifications:

  • Controller frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Range of operation: 2000 meters (6562 feet)
  • Camera: 12MP 4K UHD video camera
  • Max flying altitude: 19685 feet (6000 meters)
  • Max speed: 36 mph (58 km/h)
  • Time of flight: 23 minutes
  • Battery: 100V 4480mAh Li-Po 4S
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds (1280 grams)
  • Wingspan: 23.2 inches (590 mm)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 8 inches (457 x 330 x 203 mm)

This model is the Phantom 3’s fourth installation, and it is extraordinary compared to other UAVs for surveillance purposes out there today. The device comes with four rotors to help its flight. This component makes the aircraft more stable in comparison with some other kinds of automatons. 

On the one hand, it is lightweight. On the other hand, on account of the Carbon Fiber Hardshell, the machine is pretty solid and strong. It is intended to work in a wide range of weather, and furthermore this aircraft’s system is designed for complete stabilization. The automaton is outfitted with a smart Li-Po 4S battery at 100V 4480mAh that gives around 23 minutes of flying time. 

What is more? The automaton has a three-axis 12MP 4K UHD (ultra high definition) video camera, which will allow you to capture HD pictures and recordings. 

The best part about the model is that you can observe the video which it is shooting live by utilizing the advanced generation of Lightbridge innovation as well as the Pilot application from DJI. This application will additionally enable you to control the camera view in the actual time. Thanks to the attribute, the view range is more extensive, and it will be simpler to ensure your smart home security. 

This automaton additionally has GPS navigation that is useful for auto departures and auto landing. Still, you can fly the robot inside, even without GPS signal owing to its integrated series of sensors that supplement the Vision Positioning attribute.

One thing to note, the standard package only incorporates the essential necessities for a UAV product. With that being said, you can also buy a couple of accessories along with it, for example, a Hardshell Backpack, an additional battery, and an SD card.

3. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF – by Yuneec

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF
Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF for smart home security

Product specifications:

  • Controller frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Range of operation: 2625 feet (800 meters)
  • Camera: 12MP 4K camera
  • Max Flying Altitude: 400 feet (122 meters)
  • Max Flying Altitude: 400 feet (122 meters)
  • Time of flight: 25 minutes
  • Battery: 11.1V 5400mAh Li-Po 3S
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds (1100 grams)
  • Wingspan: 22.2 inches (565 mm)
  • Dimensions: 22.2 x 16.5 x 9.4 inches (565 x 420 x 240 mm)

This Yuneec is an RTF (Ready to Fly) UAV. This implies it is fully assembled and packaged for use. 

The automaton features three-axis stabilized 12MP 4K precision gimbal camera, which is ideal for shooting top-grade video. This is the noteworthy video recording quality accessible on an integrated camera and can record at 120 fps. You may love that the camera is arranged to deliver first-person flight experience and this flying robot likewise has a hand mount to utilize the camera as a small- scale handheld stabilized system.

That is not all; the radio controller includes a touch-screen Android gadget into its construction. It comes with touch screen attributes, which will enable you to adjust the video quality, white balance, and exposure. The recording, the flight information, telemetry as well as FPV (First-person view) are likewise straightforwardly seen from the controller, without any more need for a mobile application. 

It is worth noting that to guarantee optimal performance and to offer top-notch surveillance recordings for your smart home security, a few users suggest upgrading the firmware when you have purchased this product unit. An impressive 11.1V 5400mAh Li-Po 3S battery powers this Yuneec Q500, and it boasts of a flight time of around 25 minutes. Likewise, the automaton ships with an additional battery as well as a carrying case in the event that you pick the more costly package. 

The drone maker lists the maximum speed of the model at just shy of 18 mph, and the range of operation is around 800 meters. 

4. Nightingale Security

For your information, Nightingale Security provides autonomous flying robots that can work in areas such as data centers, critical infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing facilities, power plants, and even your home.

The company utilizes edge computing, which implies all the information gathered by the automaton is made sure about behind a firewall. This is a crucial aspect since cloud-based storage solutions are likely progressively powerless against hacking endeavors. Furthermore, as you are protecting the privacy of your home, you will not wish your information in the wrong hands.

5. Easy Aerial

easy aerial smart security drone

Easy Aerial. Photo source:

Impressively, the Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems of Easy Aerial has been chosen and used by the Miami PD (Miami Police Department)? They are mobile, sturdy, and completely autonomous UAV-in-a-box solutions. The system can be run totally remotely.

Constructed explicitly for security, this Easy Aerial ịncludes a falcon quadcopter light in weight with a flight time of around 50 minutes and a sturdy self-sustaining ground station which charges the Falcon while protecting it unaffected by the elements.

The bottom line

We do hope that our list has helped you narrow down your options. With them, you should be able to find out the best model that makes your next home surveillance task a breeze and at a cost that you will love. It is important to note that except the Sunflower Home Awareness System from Sunflower Labs that are solely dedicated to home security, other models in this rundown is also applicable for use in general surveillance and safety (not only for your home)

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