Best Drone Under $200: Your Complete Buying Guide

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Do you intend to buy an entry-level UAV? If you are, please remember this to begin with: Do not have unrealistic expectations. Because these flying robots come at a price that many people can afford, you should first interpret them as models without premium performance. If you are among those concerned about that, we have built a small rundown of necessary things to expect from the product units in this price range. 

But, of course, as always, we do our best to bring the most fantastic list for the best drone under $200. While they do not perform as exceptionally as top-of-the-line drones, they are the best of the best for the price, indeed.

One thing to note: in this guide, we also refer to the term ‘drone’ as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), uncrewed aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or flyers. 

Keep in mind these key things before you purchase 

There is something you need to be aware of when you are buying budget UAVs. It is not much; remembering the three tips below and your buying process will be far smoother.

1. Ensure the model you choose is in the RTF category

In case you are searching for your absolute first flying robot, be sure you are purchasing an RTF bundle. What is RTF short for? It represents Ready to Fly. By RTF-marked product units, we mean packages that have all required to get them fully operational – including chargers, batteries, and the controller.

Other kinds of UAV packages are available, chiefly the ones without things such as batteries and controller. Commonly referred to as Bind and Fly (also known as BNF), they are more favorable among veteran UAV pilots who already have many batteries and excellent quality controllers ready for use. 

2. Find out whether you can purchase your best drone under $200 on Amazon

It is safe to say that buying these flyers on Amazon would be one of your best, most informed decision. On the one hand, many hobby shops provide fantastic deals for affordable UAVs. But, on the other hand, as far as we know, in terms of quality RC products, particularly in America, Amazon is a genuine top dog. 

Amazon has by far a lot of reasonably-priced product units accessible. As another plus point, they boast drones’ respective accessories on offer.

3. Gain proficiency with the basics before your first flight

This one should be obvious. For first-time drone flyers who desire to operate a UAV, we suggest getting somebody to clarify the nuts and bolts of flying an uncrewed aircraft vehicle or looking at several YouTube video tutorials first. 

By the way, do not get discouraged by what we have just said. It is not too challenging to fly UAVs, particularly these simple ones. Yet, similar to riding a car, you need to have an idea of where every one of the controls is. Also, it is significant to know the way of putting the drone on land safely (meaning ‘park’ when it comes to the car-related terms) before you can begin your maiden flight.

Best drone under $200: Your top 5 picks

Altair AA108Potensic D58Potensic D80Holy Stone HS120DHoly Stone HS700D
Flight time10 minutes16 minutes18 minutes16 minutes20 minutes
Range100 meters300 meters800 meters300 meters800 meters
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1. Altair AA108 Camera Drone – by Altair Aerial 

Altair AA108 Camera Drone
Altair AA108 Camera Drone

When it comes to excellent, well-priced flying robots, you cannot go wrong with this one. It has been popular for good reasons, indeed. The Altair is helpful for novices. It is worth what you pay for it. And even more.

Key specs

First off, this UAV comes with a wide-angle 120° camera fit for HD aerial photography and videography. However, that is not all; it does relatively great. 

On the one hand, there are not hardware image stabilizers in AA108. But, on the other hand, it manages to deliver solid footage when flying in the air with practically zero shakiness. As we are on the hardware-related subject, many of you will like how robust the model’s small brushed motors are. 

Despite their lack of durability compared to brushless motors, they can be long lasting enough when operated appropriately. In other words, you are better off consistently disarming the robot (throttle on zero) right away following an accident. 

Flight time & Range

Speaking of the playtime, this best drone under $200 can do the trick for as long as ten minutes.

How about the range? One hundred meters is the max that the drone can reach. On the other hand, the FPV (First Person View) does the job comparably to the operating range; that is why you will not have to worry that the dark screen on your cell phone will greet you when passing the line. 

Moreover, the Altair’s stability is hardly doubtful, enabling even first-time drone pilots to control it with no issues. 

Other attributes and highlights

Talking about other attributes, what is cool includes one key departing & landing, altitude hold, and Out of Range (OOR) alert, which will prove helpful as a general rule. 

2. Potensic D58, FPV Drone – by Potensic

Potensic D58, FPV Drone
Potensic D58, FPV Drone

Believe it or not, this flyer is the spitting image of the famous Phantom drone from DJI. It comes with many good attributes along with a legitimate imaging resolution. Best yet, you may appreciate a functional controller, additional battery, as well as a durable, practical carrying case for outdoor travelling. 

Attributes & Highlights

How about we admire its camera first? The model has a 1080p wide-angle sensor (120°) with a proper vibration-resistant system. However, that is not all; you have the choice to tilt the camera by 90°, so having magnificent perspective adjustment during your flight is not hard at all. 

It is worth mentioning that though the vibration damping system is not highly effective, it is sufficient given the product’s price and its competitors’ imaging clarity & detail. Furthermore, as you will see, despite a small amount of shakiness sometimes, mainly when it is windy, specific decent post-processing can do the job. And remarkably, how fantastic still images look will amaze you!

What is more? This best drone under $200 has GPS, providing benefits such as stable drone flight, incredible responsiveness, altitude hold, and automatic return to home. You will be also happy about the good range and fantastic transmission quality thanks to the 5G Wifi FPV. 

Key specs

When it comes to specifications, you cannot disregard the UAV flight time. As for the Potensic D58, its playtime is about 16 minutes or 17, relying on GPS use, FPV usage, flying speed, and other factors. Above all, the product unit’s additional battery allows you to enjoy more than 30 minutes of playtime. 

Speaking of the flight range, 300 meters here is similar to the norm for most flying robots that cost this much. 

3. Potensic D80 Drone with Camera – by Potensic

Potensic D80 Drone with Camera
Potensic D80 Drone with Camera

The value delivered by the model is hardly doubtful. Its construction is good – let alone, an elegant, tough carrying case included for more product protection. So, generally speaking, it is a complete package.

Attributes & Highlights

First, it is significant to address that this UAV’s built-in 2K sensor captures fantastic still images and alright video footage. The recording would be remarkable as well if not for the missing vibration damping that prepares for that unpleasant wobble. The good news is though you can notice that effect, it is not severe compared to what happens to some other less expensive flying robots in the market.

Furthermore, the best drone under $200 boasts a functional integrated GPS module. That is right, we are discussing one of the least expensive GPS uncrewed aircraft vehicles accessible these days, and that by itself makes the model an excellent value for the price. Owing to this GPS module, you will enjoy an incredibly stable drone flying experience. Aside from being easy to fly, the D80 comes with brilliant attributes and highlights such as follow me, FPV, and waypoints.

Key specs

The model’s quite great brushless motors are fit for attaining a whopping 25mph maximum speed. Legit impressive? Moreover, the range is long, coming to 800 meters at max. 

Best yet, the 1800mAh battery can enable your UA to stay in the air for as long as twenty minutes. 

So, all things considered, this Potensic is outstanding amongst many other great drones sold at a reasonable price.

4. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera – by Holy Stone

Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera
Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera

This flying machine is somewhat bulky and is well and equipped for helping newbies with their aerial photography. As you may know, the brand CAN make great entry-level product units, and the HS120D is not an exception. On top of that, it is fantastic for the price.

Attributes & Highlights

First and foremost, you may like the camera mounted on a practical vibration damping system, allowing for admirable stabilization. It is safe to say that the model will be your best bet if seamless footage delivered by a drone as affordable as possible is what you are looking for. Being smooth aside, the Full High Definition (FHD) 1080p sensor provides FPV functionalities, which is by and large an ultimate combination at the price range. 

That is not all; other noteworthy attributes include GPS, return to home, and selfie features. These deliver plenty of extra worth to this best drone under $200, letting it shoot seamlessly as well as fly even more seamlessly. 

Key specs

When it comes to specifications, they show this UAV is pretty capable as well. However, your expectations should not be too high as we are discussing models below $200.

This Holy Stone HS120D’s playtime is around 15 to 18 minutes. And its range is up to 300 meters.

5. Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone – by Holy Stone

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone
Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

The list cannot be complete without addressing this model. For one thing, it is marginally more costly (i.e. somewhere in the range of $220 to $230). But be that as it may, when it is on sale, the product unit is smoothly in the price point this rundown covers. Regardless of whether you buy it when it is not discounted, it delivers a sizable amount of significant worth for cash, and right below is the reason: 

Attributes & Highlights

First, the Holy Stone’s camera is decent since it is a 4K FHD 90°adjustable one.

What is more? The model features brushless motors. It is worth noting that the UAV itself is not heavy, facilitating the general speed the engines can attain. 

Last but not least, this flying robot boasts other fantastic attributes such as the integrated GPS module, follow me, altitude hold, and then more. 

Key specs

Regarding the playtime, the best drone under $200 is pretty great. While it is advertised for being airborne for up to 22 minutes; however, the actual flight time is a bit shorter. In the best-case scenario, it is about twenty, which is not bad by any stretch. 

Talking about the range, you will like the operating range of about 800 meters at max, and the FPV is anywhere from 400 meters to 500. 

Taking everything into account, we would like to emphasize that the product unit is truly one of the most brilliant, affordable flying machine. While it is somewhat more expensive than the other counterparts mentioned above, the flyer delivers an extraordinary experience in the air worth each penny. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What to expect from the UAVs in this price range?

The camera quality is not too impressive.

Honestly speaking, while they come with fair HD or FHD cameras, you cannot expect the incredible aerial footage offered by DJI flyers – in the absence of appropriate stabilisation. 

The playtime is average.

Given that top-notch drones boast somewhere in the range of 25 minutes and half an hour of playtime, we are pretty sure that the affordable models are not close to them in this regard. They tend to last from seven to twelve minutes on average. Purchasing additional batteries is always advisable!

The same goes for the flight range.

The range is from about 100 to 500 meters or considerably more than that at times. How far it is generally has to do with how much you are willing to spend on a drone. 

2. What are the most cutting-edge attributes and highlights I can get in the best drone under $200?

Image stabilization

Incredibly better aerial footage quality as well as differentiate hobby-grade RC from professional ones.

Brushless motors

Compared to brushed ones, they are significantly longer-lasting, more dependable, and energy-efficient. 


GPS delivers enhanced drone flying stability and allows for other state-of-the-art attributes. 

Follow Me mode

Lets the UAV follow the controller or you around with cameras & sensors. 


Addresses live video feed that comes from the UAV in real-time.

Altitude Hold

Enables the flying machine to hover at a specific location without manual throttle changes.

RTH (Return to Home)

With the help of GPS coordinates, the RTH flight mode enables the flying robot to come back to the spot it has initially departed because of GPS arranges. 

3. What is the most extended playtime of drones at this price point?

As you may know, the battery lasts longer, implying more extended drone flight sessions and, accordingly, significantly more fun. So, many users want UAVs whose batteries are more power-efficient. 

Concerning the product units mentioned above, the most extended playtime is about twenty minutes. The HS700D model from Holy Stone is an excellent example here, fit for flying under twenty minutes for each battery. 

4. What is the most fantastic Follow Me flyer in the price range?

In case you desire your next or first flying robot to follow you around, the HS700D should be one of your best choices. It boasts brushless motors, a sturdy frame, decent specs, aside from a reliable camera.

Also, this Holy Stone comes with a heavenly set of practical flight modes such as altitude hold, auto RTH, follow me, aside from GPS.

5. Is there any best drone under $200 that is collapsible? 

Is portability (aka collapsibility) your main concern? At the same time, is a legitimate camera still necessary to you? If so, we suggest paying somewhat more cash. 

As you could have seen with your own eyes, none of the models addressed earlier are foldable. At the price tier, UAV makers prioritize great internals over collapsibility.

6. What is the most wonderful UAV with a gimbal at the price range?

Frankly speaking, flyers that are this inexpensive do not sport appropriate gimbals. Rather, the thing brought to the table is the primitive camera mounting system with basic (say, not all that remarkable) vibration-resistant techniques. While they achieve the desired result more or let, vibration & wobble will tend to be noticeable.

7. Can I find a 4K UAV below $200?

No. There are not flying robots with a $200 mark featuring sophisticated 4K cameras. 

Truth be told, you cannot find 2.7K camera UAVs either, regardless of certain drone makers marketing their models as a 2K footage quality one. There, 2K implies that the FHD (1080p) yet with a marginally wider resolution of up to the 2000-pixel count. So you can consider it as a wise strategy taken by brands to attract attention.

8. Are such flyers suitable for novices and children?

Yessir. They are incredible choices for newbies and kids alike. You can find spare parts in a breeze online in the event that something turns out badly. Additionally, many of them are pretty simple to operate, making the maiden flight experience reasonably comfortable. 

9. A handy pre-flight checklist?

  • Be aware of the wind forecast
  • Give a careful inspection of your flyer
  • Format the SD cards
  • Charge all of the drone batteries
  • Hover at low altitude for about ten seconds

10. Should not something be said about maintenance? 

The best drone under $200 needn’t bother with plenty of maintenance. But, for sure, it is another in case your drone crashes. If so, ensure you inspect it for any damage signs. 

One thing to note: In case you are not so technoid, as you hit the robot hard, break its motors and whatnot, you will presumably have to take the place of it. 

Enlightening corner: Factors to know when you buy

1. Actual drone battery life

It comes as no surprise that drone makers oversell their product units’ specs. Here, specs mean things such as operating range and battery life. 

Drone manufacturers utilize the details in ideal conditions that you cannot reproduce in typical UAV operating situations when it comes to these two specs. The operating distance generally pertains to the max signal attained by the flyer over a sizable field without any obstructions. As for the battery life, it implies how long the robot manages to hover in a location. 

In terms of the actual numbers, they will be lower compared to markets ones. 

2. Smart LIPO batteries: Their fact

Your intelligent LiPo battery will be forever lasting regardless of the amount of care you spare for it. Nowadays, those batteries appear to gain increasing popularity out there. Built-in with discharge & overcharge protection, they can last for a more extended time. Notwithstanding, they will pass on in the end and finding legitimate substitutions is necessary.

3. RTF vs DIY flyers

Have you ever heard some recommend making your own DIY (aka Do It Yourself) UAV rather than purchasing one as an RTF bundle because it is less expensive? The truth is another way around, indeed. You should choose to get yourself an RTF flyer. 

Just build one by yourself in case you are tech-savvy desiring to get the max drone performance or not an RC fan. What if you are an average person with nothing too special? Then, you cannot go wrong with buying an RTF bundle.

3. UAVs are dangers: Myths or truth?

Undeniably, some people still think about UAVs as risky flyers likely to harm a human being out of the blue. Moreover, there are individuals not having caught wind of consumer UAVs, just the enormous military ones, ending up defaming the drone sector more. 

Do take note of this before you purchase a flying robot. It is because you should know a few people will probably communicate disapproval nonverbally with a facial expression, and there is no way around that. 

4. It may be hard to find the ideal location to fly your drone

Yes! Tracking down the perfect area for operating your robot and shooting captivating videos and photos is, in reality, more challenging than you may think. After all, everything relies upon where you live. 

Some of you may brag about a breathtaking place to fly that is about sixty minutes of driving. Yet, some are likely unfortunate and cannot find a stunning natural location close by. If so, you can discover beauty in places, for example, small ravines and river banks. Unleash your imagination and make use of Google!

Key things to consider when you purchase the best drone under $200

1. BNF vs RTF 

Please note that every model in this rundown belongs to the RTF category.

Again, as mentioned above, if the RTF mark is next to the product unit’s name, it implies DIY abilities to make the drone operate in the air are unnecessary. 

But, then again, if you buy a BNF model, a dedicated transmitter (also known as a controller) will not be in the box. So you need to appropriately bind your own to your new flyer to make it work properly. 

2. FPV

FPV UAVs will allow you to enjoy a fundamentally more vivid flight via live feed.

Do you appreciate FPV through a pair of FPV goggles? Via a smartphone application? Through a dedicated controller display? In all these case, you can be confident your flight experience will be radically better. 

Make the most of your UAV with necessary accessaries 

1. Additional batteries

This advice is often for top-notch flyers. But, it is justified for less expensive ones as well. Simply envision yourself after a long-awaited time getting your robot and letting it on the wing for about a few minutes… just to realize you need to charge it for a whopping 120 minutes before you can fly it again. The reality is that heartbreaking…

Because the less expensive flying robots will generally have outrageously long charging times, having additional batteries would be a good idea. 

2. Landing pads

They are incredible if you fly your drone in mountains, big open fields, remote areas, and whatnot. But that is not all; they are practically fantastic wherever you fly. 

When it comes to rough terrain, these pads should provide you with some more landing leeway. In metropolitan places with many safe locations to land, you will practice for more challenging situations by using a landing pad. 

Above all, nowadays, these things are highly inexpensive; hence, we see no justification for not buying on when getting yourself a new UAV.

3. SD card 

Finally, we are better off discussing storage stuff. Flyers nowadays tend to storage aerial footage with SD cards. Some are so fantastic that they enable you to shoot videos and photos without counting on removable storage media. However, more often than not, these are a lot more costly product units.

As you may know, when it comes to more expensive 4K camera flying robots, SD cards with sizable capacity is necessary. Also, the cards need to have a high writing speed as well. 

Regarding less pricey models, you do not have to stress over the writing speed. Instead, direct your concern to whether you got them on you. 

Final words 

We hope that the list for the best drone under $200 helps you pick your best fit.

If you have any related questions or opinions, drop us a comment right below. Last but not least, make the most of your day and create amazing drone flying memories!

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