ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 Race Drone Review: Worth to Buy?

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With ground-breaking engines and propellers, constructed to take up different crashes, this model is what just about any drone racer wants to own. It operates exemplarily in the air, and even in strong winds; you can, in any case, milk some great flight time from the device. Get a few batteries and an extra set of propellers, and you will have some good times with this product.

This ARRIS is known as one of the best racing drones. It races, handles, feels and looks like a racing drone had better do.

In case you love the adventure of racing an incredible and quick drone, this is the ideal one for you. The cost is acceptable; the model is completely assembled from the industrial facility. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to have the machine around in the air and running. 

For more information about this robot, let’s delve into the review right below.

arris x speed 280 v2
ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone RTF
  • Sold pre-assembled and in good shape for flights
  • Robust motor
  • Is able to take up crashes well
  • Comes with a good looking stylish transmitter
  • Packs acrobatic modes of flight
  • Constructed out of high-grade material to be long-lasting
  • Accomplishes what the device is intended to do – race
  • May have transmitter connection problems
  • A bit complex for newbies to fly

Please note that here in this post, we also refer to drones as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned aircraft, flying machines, flying robots, or automation.

Target audience

Consider getting yourself this flying machine if you are among the following users:

  • Any individual who cherishes a decent racing UAV should purchase this one. It has a fantastic brushless engine, excellent speed, and it is designed to perform well. 
  • In case you love to shoot film at a rapid speed, the model should be your best bet. 

One thing to note, the ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 is indeed not for an absolute amateur drone aficionado. In case you are looking for your first quadcopter ever, we suggest you take it slowly, perhaps get your first flying experience with a less sizable model. In the wake of learning the ropes of operating a drone, you would then be able to take to flying this 280 V2.

Key features

1. Design

Physically, this UAV seems as though it is designed to be durable. The body is structured with solid carbon fiber at 1.5 mm that can take up even serious falls and crashes. This is a racing UAV all things considered, and you can never be too certain that it will not crash a couple of times in the trees. 

At the point when you purchase this drone, it may come assembled, yet a few users state that you can get it at an even lower price when the device is not assembled. The measurements of the product unit are 9.6 x 8.4 x 4.1 inches, and its weight is a bit more than 160 g. The double plated arms should be resistant to cracking in the event that you crash it. 

2. Propellers

The Arris’ propellers are constructed out of a particular combination of nylon and carbon material. This guarantees they get an opportunity to endure accidents, and much better in comparison with propellers made of plastic. 

Since the automaton has been structured with ordinary wiring and plugs, you may want to include additional items such as LED lights, switch the engine as you like, and even include more controllers for enhanced speed. 

3. The camera

This is a camera flying robot, ideal for shooting quick moving objects. It has been outfitted with a fantastic 700 line camera from Sony. The device shoots excellent recordings and pictures, and it is somewhat adjustable by most extreme 20 degrees. 

On account of speed and smashing dangers, the automaton has been made with a vibration damper plate that assists in making the camera stay stable in the event of the vibrations so that the recordings and photos will be clear and have decent quality.

Coming with the FPV (First Person View) attribute, the model will allow you to stream recordings and pictures in real time. In the event that you have some additional cash, you can likewise purchase Goggles, which will let you appreciate the race in style. 

4. The battery

The 3s 11.1V 1500 mAh battery powers this UAV. But be that as it may, a series of batteries, say, the 1500 mAh and the 2200 mAh can be utilized on this automaton. Simply ensure it is the 3S to 4S. 

The 2200 mAh battery will provide you with about ten minutes of flight time; however, this is likely to go down somehow in case the winds are strong.

This automaton is sold totally assembled from the production line, and it is likewise sold with everything that you may need to operate it. At the point when you get it, simply plug in the battery and make it fly. It is sold with an R9DS receiver as well as a RadioLink AT9S transmitter. 

5. Performance

With the ground-breaking 2205 ARRIS brushless engine, this automaton is a significant performer. Plus, the 2200 mAh battery is all that anyone could need as it has 75A, and this engine asks for 57A. 

Flight modes

1. Self-level mode

When it comes to modes of flight, you can generally begin with the most straightforward – self-level mode in which you simply need to leave the stick in the middle. The automaton levels off as well as flies at that level. 

2. Manual mode

To do certain acrobatics (truly, it has acrobatics), you will need to operate the device on the manual mode with the goal that you can do rolls and flips. This mode is additionally referred to as the Acro Mode.

What is in the box?

Ready to unbox your purchase? Let’s see:

  • 1 x 1500mah Lipo Battery
  • 1 x Foxeer antenna at 5.8 g 
  • 1 x TS5832 5.8G 40CH video TX
  • 1 x X-SPEED 280 Stickers
  • 1 x R9DS Receiver and RadioLink AT9S Transmitter
  • 1 x Sony 700 line camera 
  • 4 x 5042 three-blade propellers 
  • 4 x ARRIS S2205 2300KV Brushless Motor 
  • 1 x Flycolor Raptor S-Tower with BHeli-S 2-4S 4-in-1 30A ESC + F3 + PDB + OSD 
  • 1 x X-SPEED 280 V2 Racing Drone with Canopy

Other accessory recommendations (not included)

ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 Alternative model

There are a great deal of models out there these days, yet we picked the one which is closest to this Arris race drone. Therefore we have: Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone – by EACHINE.

arris xspeed alternative eachine racer 250
ARRIS xspeed alternative: EACHINE racer 250

Eachine Racer 250: A quick review

This medium-sized automaton is most popular for its speed. It has a sturdy and solid body produced using carbon fiber. The device is anything but difficult to operate, and it comes with LED lights in case you desire to have a race in the night time. That is not all; the model has support for a superior camera.

You control the automaton with a transmitter at 600 MW 5.8 G that has more than 30 channels as well as an integrated OSD so you will be able to monitor your UAV’s status when flying. Contingent upon the what kit you pick or the seller, the transmitter will be incorporated or not in the package.

What is more? The LED lights will not just assist you in operating the automaton in low light, but help you with the direction. Here, you have two eyes in front, and on the back, one red stripe is available. The LEDs can be switched off or on by using a switch that you can find on the frame’s left side.

You can choose to buy a pre-assembled model. For sure, much the same as the Arris UAV, this Eachine Racer 250 FPV quadcopter can likewise be bought in pieces. With that being said, some customers are not satisfied with how confusing the instructions are, and they cause the assembly to be troublesome. 

All in all, this is a decent and long-lasting racing UAV which will provide you with as long as ten to 15 minutes of flight. So in the event that you choose to get it, you will settle on a decent decision. 

The bottom line

We love this Arris race drone. We cannot get enough of how predatory and aggressive this UAV looks. The RadioLink transmitter appears pretty advanced, beautiful, and stylish if you ask us, similar to something from a Sci-Fi film. 

Noticeably, we have flown this automaton for quite a while, and it has slammed a few times. However, unfailingly, it has come out flawless. We do not think that they come any harder as compared to this.

You may also love that the robot races rapidly, and as soon as you get its hang, it will be a great deal of fun. Just keep in mind, it may require some time to figure out how to operate it expertly.

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